Spiral (Japan)

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Ayumu Narumi's older brother Kiyotaka Narumi, a renowned detective and piano player, suddenly disappears. His last words - "I'm Going to Pursue the Mystery of the Blade Children". Two years later a row of murders and incidents begin, all relating to the Blade Children. Together with school journalist, Hiyono Yuizaki, Narumi tries to figure out their destiny and the truth about what happened to Kiyotaka.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 25 Episodes
October 1, 2002
Action & Adventure, Adult Cartoon, Animation & Cartoon, Anime, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction
Cast: Caroline Proust, Audrey Fleurot, Thierry Godard, Philippe Duclos
Spiral (Japan)

Spiral (Japan) Full Episode Guide

  • The final battle between Ayumu and Kanone takes place for the last time. Will Ayumu defeat Kanone and find happiness in himself?

  • Madoka is being held captive by Kanone and Ayumu has to pass three tests to bring his sister-in-law to safety. From a train then to a boat and finally a warehouse filled with fireworks and into the hands of Kanone.

  • Finally a link between the missing Kiyotaka makes itself known:a kidnapper. Ayumu also has to find Madoka before it's too late. But the Blade Children are sinking deeper and deeper into peril. Will Ayumu be able to save them before it's too late?

  • The final showdown between the Blade Children and the Hunters is underway but a Hunter is on the police force and a betrayer in the Blade Children's midsts. Who are these two and can the Hunters' assassination attempts pay off at last?

  • Ayumu must face his most powerful enemy yet:someone he'd least suspect! The Blade Children plan an attack against the Hunters. And Madoka has encountered someone from the past who's got intentions that are far worse than death.

  • Kousuke makes the dumbest decision of his life:Taking on a Hunter face to face. Will Kousuke be killed or can he be saved by Ayumu?

  • A Hunter has his eyes set on a different target:Sayoko! Can Ayumu and Eyes save Sayoko and disarm the bomb in time before the Blade Children suffer an aganizing defeat?

  • Rio and Hiyono are safe for now after the kidnapping. After which all seems well until Kanone shows up in Japan, which is a surprise to Ayumu. Before Ayumu can soak in the consequeces of Kanone's arrival Sayoko becomes more involved than ever.

  • Ayumu,Ryoko,and Kousuke enter an abandoned hospital where Hiyono and Rio are being held.But the Hunters have traps set up on each and every floor.Will this trio save the girls before it's too late?

  • A tranfer student comes to the Acadamy and much to the dismay of Ayumu it's Kousuke. But it's all forgotten when Ayumu discovers Hiyono and Rio have been kidnapped by the Hunters. Now it's up to Ayumu,Kousuke,and Ryoko to save them

  • The Hunters grow more and more desperate to annilate the Blade Children. As if that wasn't all a high stakes game pits an old friend of Eyes' and Eyes himself against each other. Rutherford prepares to strenthen his defenses against the Hunters.

  • Ayumu's got a day off from school which gives him enough time to try and peice together the mystery of the Blade Children. With extreme reluctince Ayumu is intrigued with the recent events leading up to the Blade Children. As they go back through the school year the story of Spiral begins to come closer together.

  • A Hunter has come to assassinate Eyes,Ayumu and Kousuke become partners,and Ayumu might help to save the mysterious leader of the Blade Children. Can they unravel the mysterious assassins' plot before it's too late?

  • It's Christmas time and the Blade Children recive an ominous warning:The Hunters are coming! Eyes seeks help from an old friend and sends a word of caution to Ayumu. Who are the Hunters and the Blade Children and who are friends and who are foes?

  • Ayumu has finally won the battle. Rio confesses a few things. Once she gets back to the hospital Eyes offers Ayumu a deal.

  • The game is underway but the victor is still unknown. As Kousuke rushes to intercept the damning tape from Ayumu's control Rio decides to meet Ayumu face to face to see the game to the end.

  • After leaving Hiyono in the hands of the Blade Children, Ayumu begins to wonder if all these dangerous games really are worth the chance of Hiyono getting killed. Madoka remembers her promise to Kiyotaka:To always be there for Ayumu no matter what. After which Ayumu returns to the hospital for the chance to save Hiyono.What will Ayumu suggest?

  • The mystery of Imazato's murder gets underway. However there's a hidden danger as Hiyono becomes the next target of the Blade Children. Can Ayumu protect Hiyono from certain death? All this and more.

  • The mystery of the Blade Children continues. Mr.Imazato informs Ayumu about the Blade Children. But before he can reveal anything a mysterious person takes away his life. The Blade Children refuse to let anyone stand in the way of their mysterious destiny. The only person that is the key to their salvation is Ayumu.

  • Sonobe has wond up dead! Now Ayumu and Hiyono are determined to dig up some dirt on this crime. While searching for the killer they meet the ever cocky Kousuke. There's more to this guy than Ayumu knows:Kousuke is a Blade Child! And if things didn't seem weirder he also knows Kiyotaka!!

  • Eyes Rutherford has skyrocketed to the pinnicle of success but Eyes holds a dark secret one that could take him down with it.What does Eyes know and how does he know Kiyotaka??

  • After Sonobe is mysteriously attacked a murder takes place in Sayoko's home.Leading us further into the questions:What are the Blade Children and is Sayoko really a Blade Child?

  • What are the Blade Children? A question that has plagued Ayumu's mind for two years. But now Ayumu has been accused of attempted murder. Who really pushed the mysterious Sayoko off the ledge? Who is Sonobe and why is he determined to make Ayumu look like the bad guy?