Storage Wars: Behind the Locker

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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

Storage Wars: Behind the Locker is a reality TV series that airs on A&E. It is a spin-off of the popular Storage Wars franchise and follows the same format of bidding on abandoned storage lockers in the hope of finding valuable items inside. However, unlike the original series, Behind the Locker focuses more on the process behind the scenes and the people who make the show happen.

Each episode of Storage Wars: Behind the Locker begins with a brief introduction of the cast and crew. The main cast includes auctioneers, buyers, and appraisal experts from the original Storage Wars series, as well as newcomers who bring a fresh perspective to the show. The crew includes camera operators, producers, and other production staff, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the show successful.

The show follows the cast and crew as they prepare for and film each episode of Storage Wars. This includes scouting locations, setting up cameras, and staging the lockers for each auction. Viewers are given a glimpse into the auction process, including the bidding wars that can ensue when multiple buyers are interested in the same locker. As with the original series, the buyers pay upfront for the lockers, then have a limited amount of time to sort through the contents and determine if they can turn a profit.

Behind the Locker also explores the appraisal process, as buyers seek the advice of experts to determine the value of certain items. This can range from antiques and collectibles to rare or valuable items that have been forgotten in storage. The appraisal process can be tense, as buyers try to determine the potential profit margin of their purchases. They must also consider the cost of hauling and storage, as well as any repairs or refurbishments that may be required to make the items marketable.

The show delves into the history of some of the items found in the lockers, and the research required to determine their value. Viewers get a sense of the expertise and knowledge required to make a profitable purchase, as well as the risks involved in taking a gamble on a seemingly worthless item. The cast and crew share their personal experiences and insights, making the show both informative and entertaining.

One of the unique aspects of Storage Wars: Behind the Locker is the focus on the production process. Viewers get an inside look at how the show is made, from the pre-production planning to the editing and post-production work. This includes interviews with the production staff, who share the challenges and rewards of making a hit reality TV series.

The show also explores the personal lives of the cast and crew, highlighting the sacrifices and hard work required to make the show happen. This includes the grueling filming schedule, as well as the impact on their families and personal relationships. Viewers get a glimpse into the sacrifices made by those behind the scenes, as well as the thrill of success when a valuable item is discovered.

Overall, Storage Wars: Behind the Locker offers a unique and informative look into the world of reality TV production. It combines the excitement and drama of the original Storage Wars series with a behind-the-scenes look at the people who make it happen. Fans of the original series will enjoy the familiar faces, while newcomers will appreciate the fresh perspective and personal stories of the cast and crew. Whether you are a fan of reality TV or simply curious about how it all works, Storage Wars: Behind the Locker is a must-watch series.

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Tinseltown Tussle
8. Tinseltown Tussle
April 12, 2016
Mary brings out a not-so-secret weapon as the gang invades North Hollywood, California; Dave takes an unusual gamble; Jarrod and Brandi look for choice merchandise; Rene aims high.
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
September 29, 2015
Ivy hopes to change his luck in Montebello, Calif.; Jarrod and Brandi fight for big lockers; Dave controls his bidding but can't keep a lid on his temper.
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
September 22, 2015
Summary not available
Close Friends, Closer Enemies
5. Close Friends, Closer Enemies
September 15, 2015
In an enhanced episode, the team return to Koreatown for an auction and Brandi keeps an eye on Jarrod in order to buy a good locker. Also: Ivy and Mary form a surprising alliance and Rene buys units that may not pay out.
Just Deserts
4. Just Deserts
August 25, 2015
In an enhanced episode, the buyers hunt for treasures in the desert town of Indio, Cal., where Ivy employs a dastardly tactic to rouse the competition and Mary finds herself traveling well out of her comfort zone. Also: Rene steps up his game; at the same time, Darrell tries to score despite Brandon's sour mood.
Windfall in the Desert
3. Windfall in the Desert
August 4, 2015
The buyers show the viewers at home behind the scenes at an auction in Palm Desert where locals manage to give Rene a run for his money.
Moreno Valley Hauls
2. Moreno Valley Hauls
July 21, 2015
The buyers make a trip to Moreno Valley, Calif.; Mary gets daring; Ivy eyes a working man's unit; Dave tries to make his mark in a new location.
Cowboys and Mavricks
1. Cowboys and Mavricks
May 13, 2015
Santa Ana is Dave Hester's old stomping grounds and he plays it to his diabolical advantage as he makes the other buyers struggle to get a decent locker. Jarrod and Brandi can't seem to get on their game while Rene has to hit hard to get a unit. Ivy Clavin crashes the auction in Orange County, but can he come out a winner against some new competition?
  • Premiere Date
    May 13, 2015