Storage Wars: Behind the Locker

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A&E network struck gold with its hit television show, Storage Wars. Now they are airing a spring off program called Storage Wars: Behind the Locker. The premise follow the format of the original show, with some additional footage and extras for viewers. Storage Wars: Behind the Locker takes place in Calfornia, where the law dictates that, after 3 months without rent being paid, storage units are sold by and auctioneer. The "stars" of the show are the people who purchase these lockers, virtually sight unseen, and try to make a profit on the items they find inside.

Behind the Locker is not a new series, but rather a collection of popular episodes that have been extended with extra information and unseen footage. It is an exciting reality show, with real, down to earth people staking their money on risky purchases. Storage Wars: Behind the Locker gives the audience even more drama and suspense.

Tuesdays 10:30 PM et/pt on A&E
1 Season, 8 Episodes
May 13, 2015
Storage Wars: Behind the Locker

Storage Wars: Behind the Locker Full Episode Guide

  • Ivy hopes to change his luck in Montebello, Calif.; Jarrod and Brandi fight for big lockers; Dave controls his bidding but can't keep a lid on his temper.

  • In an enhanced episode, the buyers hunt for treasures in the desert town of Indio, Cal., where Ivy employs a dastardly tactic to rouse the competition and Mary finds herself traveling well out of her comfort zone. Also: Rene steps up his game; at the same time, Darrell tries to score despite Brandon's sour mood.

  • The buyers show the viewers at home behind the scenes at an auction in Palm Desert where locals manage to give Rene a run for his money.

  • The buyers make a trip to Moreno Valley, Calif.; Mary gets daring; Ivy eyes a working man's unit; Dave tries to make his mark in a new location.

  • Santa Ana is Dave Hester's old stomping grounds and he plays it to his diabolical advantage as he makes the other buyers struggle to get a decent locker. Jarrod and Brandi can't seem to get on their game while Rene has to hit hard to get a unit. Ivy Clavin crashes the auction in Orange County, but can he come out a winner against some new competition?