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The show is a history of how the Texas rangers were formed. Santa Anna was going scorched earth through Texas and Sam Houston sent the message out. Texas had two choices, give up or fight. The deadly war was all or nothing in brutal conditions. The request for men who could handle difficult odds and not give up was answered in spades. The call to arms turned independent cowboys into rangers who had one mission, protect the territory. The story of the Texas rangers was just beginning; the first impression formed a lasting image that would shape history.

Texas Rising is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on May 17, 2015.

Where do I stream Texas Rising online? Texas Rising is available for streaming on History, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Texas Rising on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Starz, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Mondays 9:00 PM et/pt on History
1 Season, 18 Episodes
May 17, 2015
Action & Adventure Drama History Mini-Series
Cast: Bill Paxton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Olivier Martinez, Thomas Jane
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Texas Rising Full Episode Guide

  • Sam Houston joins the Rangers in Victoria to celebrate their victory. But when he learns of Buckley's treachery, he forces him to make good on his actions, assuring the future of Pauline Wykoff and Emily West in the newly independent Texas. Santa Anna and Andrew Jackson negotiate Texas' future and,

  • The Rangers track down and rescue Emily West from Portilla and his soldiers. Unfortunately Colby Pitt is shot in the rescue attempt. Arriving back in Victoria, the Texas Rangers bring Emily to the Wykoff homestead to recover. Accusations run rife when Pauline Wykoff encounters Empresario Buckley, wh

  • After the Battle of San Jacinto, the Texas Rangers scour the area for the defeated Mexican leader Santa Anna.

  • On the eve of battle with General Santa Anna, Houston struggles to control his insubordinate officers, whose thirst for revenge has left them on the verge of mutiny. Deaf Smith returns from a scouting mission with crucial information on the movements of Mexican troops as they prepare for the impendi

  • Sam Houston and the Rangers prepare for battle.

  • Houston and the Texas Rangers learn of the massacre at Goliad, and Santa Anna's forces attack the town of Harrisburg.

  • As the Mexican onslaught continues, Houston's rag tag Army is close to mutiny. At Coleto Creek, the indecisive Colonel Fannin makes a fatal error, and Santa Anna's men, led by General Urrea, surround and ambush his Texan troops. The desperate Fannin sends an order to Houston for more men, while Gene

  • Download an extended free preview of the epic miniseries "Texas Rising."

  • General Santa Anna, leader of the Mexican Army, has emerged victorious at the Alamo - inflicting a brutal defeat on the Texians in his determination to quell their rebellion. Amidst the ashes of the massacre, he sends Emily West, one of the few women survivors, to recount the horrors she has seen to

  • Houston intervenes to secure Pauline and Emily's futures. Meanwhile, negotiations between Santa Anna and Andrew Jackson offer hope for lasting peace.

  • Texan commanders argue over what to do with the captured General Santa Anna. An ailing Deaf disobeys General Houston's orders and rides out on what could be his final mission: to rescue Emily West.

  • George's long journey comes to an end when a Texas Ranger helps him finally find his brother James.

  • In the series finale, the Texas Rangers revel in victory.

  • Gen. Houston and his Rangers stage a surprise attack on the Mexican Army at San Jacinto.

  • With his leadership in question, Sam Houston orders his army south to force a final battle with Santa Anna.

  • The Lost Soldier follows George Wilkins, a Texan soldier, while searching for his younger brother who went missing in action during the war.

  • Following the brutal defeat at the Alamo, the fearless Texas Rangers, under General Sam Houston's command, fight for revenge against Santa Anna's troops.

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