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In this dramatic series, a bright but poor young woman struggles with class barriers as she is prevented from seeking an education because of her financial status. When she finally makes it to college, her life gets more complicated when she falls in love with a wealthy young man, triggering the jealousy of another one of her wealthy classmates. The series aired on Korean television in 2000.

MBC America
1 Season, 16 Episodes
June 29, 2010
Korean Drama
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  • In the emotional series finale of Truth, Ja-Young hears her name called to her by the most unexpected of people. Hyun-Woo and Ja-Young can finally make due for lost time, but are their troubles really over so easily?

  • Ja-Young learns the truth about Hyun-Woo's condition, and matters only get worse when she goes to speak to him. Does she have enough strength left to fight alongside Hyun-Woo, or is this the end for both of them?

  • Ja-Young's condition takes a turn for the worse. A month after she was admitted, is her life about to end in her coma? And what is to become of Hyun-Woo?

  • Lee Shin-Hee wakes up in the hospital after the accident and soon learns of the grave injuries received by the other passengers. But before she realizes they're alive, she blames Ja-Young for the entire thing. Will Shin-Hee's conscience finally get a hold of her?

  • Just as Shin-Hee's plans begin to fall into place, Hyun-woo learns the truth behind her conspiracy.

  • Hyun Woo drives up to a scene that breaks his heart, as everyone's bonds grow more desperate and tangled. Meanwhile, the winners of the school contest bask in the glory and attention the cameras are heaping on them.

  • Hyun Woo is held in jail on battery charges after he punches Seung Jae, who was taunting him by saying Ja Young is only dating him for his money. Meanwhile, Hyun Woo's mother tells Ja Young to break up with her son and she reluctantly agrees to do so.

  • Shin Hee pays Seung Jae to stalk, harass and pester Ja Young relentlessly in order to separate her and Hyun Woo. After accidentally making Ja Young wait in the cold for a of couple hours, Hyun Woo makes up with her by giving her a scarf, gloves and a kiss.

  • Shin Hee changes her style to look more like Ja Young in order to attract Hyun Woo, but he tells her that he thinks of her only as a little sister and is in love with Ja Young. Shin Hee plots to break up Ja Young and Hyun Woo.

  • Jung Hyun Woo is told about a man in Lee Ja Young's past who broke up with her because she wasn't wealthy. Lee Shin Hee informs Hyun Woo's mother that he has been seeing Ja Young and he upsets Shin Hee by telling her why he's enchanted by Ja Young.

  • A beautifully written drama about the nature of truth and love, Truth is the story of a deadly rivalry between two women.

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