Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart is a daytime drama series that has captured the attention of many viewers. It originally ran between 1970 and 1971 on the ABC network. The series had a total of 325 episodes, which introduced many different characters in to the line up. It had a running time of around 22-24 minutes, which provided people with a brief look at this new series. It was originally written by Katherine Phillips, who was the adopted daughter of soap operate legend Irna Phillips.

Many prominent stars appeared on the series, including Susan Sarandon and James Noble. They were introduced alongside more consistent stars who debuted in Worlds Apart. Augusta Dabney and William Prince were frequent stars who were featured in this series.

A unique feature of the series was that it did provide a show within a show element. Viewers have been drawn in by several prominent aspects of the series as well. The show actually centered around a soap opera writer, as well as many other prominent cast members. The series would introduce different dramatic elements for families such as the Sims and the Kahlmans. The conservative leaders of these families would have frequent clashes with other members with different political leanings.

National Geographic
1 Season, 4 Episodes
June 12, 2009
Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart Full Episode Guide

  • A few days into their stay in Peru, a family from Detroit learns adjusting is harder than it sounds.

  • A family from St. Louis learns the ways of the nomadic Mongolians.

  • When a family of five goes to Malaysia, they bring home with more than pictures.

  • A family from Virginia lets go of their American ways to become true Trobriand.

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