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Almost Human chronicles human members of the Los Angeles Police Department that work alongside android counterparts. The show is set 35 years in the future and follows closely a police detective that has been out-of-the-loop for some time after losing a partner. In 2048, crime in Los Angeles has become almost uncontrollable. In a measure to restore order and maintain better control, each police officer is assigned an android partner. Detective John Kennix finds himself paired with Dorian, an android capable of human emotion. The show follows closely this unlikely duo as they begin and continue their partnership. Kennix finds himself less than enthusiastic about the new requirement by the police force to have android partners and makes this well known from the beginning.

There are a great deal of cinematic special effects and action throughout the series. With a theme written by J.J. Abrams, famous for many science fiction successes, the show offers viewers a "what if" concept of the world of the future. Crisp and readily available technology, humans and androids co-mingling and a world of crime, sprinkled with interpersonal drama make-up the true premise of the series.

1 Season, 14 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
November 17, 2013
Drama, Science Fiction
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  • In the first season finale, a copycat serial killer is on the loose. As the investigation unfolds, biotechnology from the future sheds light on crimes of the past.

  • During the investigation into the killing of a "chrome," Kennex and Dorian discover the murder suspect is seeking DNA perfection.

  • After a 'smart home' attacks its occupants, Kennex and Dorian must deal with the mysterious hologram character that represents the house.

  • The investigation into the simultaneous and sudden deaths of two genetically-enhanced - or "chrome" - children takes a sudden turn when a recent drowning victim is connected to the case.

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'Almost Human' Canceled by Fox After One Season

Sorry, Karl Urban fans: You're going to have to wait for the next "Star Trek" movie to get your fix. Fox has canceled "Almost Human" after one season, according to THR. The J.J. Abrams sci-fi series focused on a homicide detective (Urban) in future Los Angeles with a robotic partner who was programmed to be—you guessed it—almost human. The series started out promising enough when it debuted last November, gaining some traction through an early preview before the official premiere.

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