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Angelo Rules is a cartoon that features the misadventures of a precocious 11 year old boy named Angelo. Angelo comes up with a plethora of convoluted schemes in order to get the things he wants, often with unintended consequences. Angelo is aided in his adventure by a host of wacky cartoon friends and even a cartoon cat named Joe Mama with a bad attitude. Another character adding to the adventure is Angelo's 15 year old sister, Elena. Elena is a trendy teen and somewhat resentful of Angelo's successful maneuvering, so she plots to thwart him at every turn. Elena's favorite method of hindering Angelo is through pointing out that he is usually too young to be doing whatever it is that he is trying to do. Another character in the program is Lola, the cool 12 year old girl next door. Lola is Angelo's oldest friend and often joins Angelo in his adventures, being a spirited kid herself.

Angelo Rules is directed by Choé Miller and Franz Kirchner. This animated children's cartoon is produced by TeamTO and Cake Entertainment.

Cartoon Network
1 Season, 14 Episodes
October 25, 2016
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Angelo Rules Full Episode Guide

  • Angelo wants a new J-Pod. / Angelo pretends to be a famous skateboarder. / Alvina has her heart broken. / Angelo fakes sick one day.

  • Angelo hates Mom's casserole. / Angelo wants to take karate classes. / Angelo just sold Mom's painting. / Lola takes a terrible school picture.

  • Angelo gets the worst chores. / Angelo wants Dad to watch TV somewhere else. / Sherwood can't ride the zip line. / A skateboarder signs autographs.

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