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Series Length:1 Season, 14 Episodes
Network: Cartoon Network

Angelo is a charismatic and confident 12-year-old who takes Sherwood and Lola on all kinds of misadventures as they plot to escape their responsibilities and have some fun,.

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Rating: 7.5/10
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14 Netflix Episodes
  • Angelo wants a new J-Pod. / Angelo pretends to be a famous skateboarder. / Alvina has her heart broken. / Angelo fakes sick one day.

  • Angelo hates Mom's casserole. / Angelo wants to take karate classes. / Angelo just sold Mom's painting. / Lola takes a terrible school picture.

  • Angelo decides to bring Peter down a few notches. / Angelo plays detective. / Mom has a new hobby. / Angelo tricks the substitute teacher.

  • Angelo gets the worst chores. / Angelo wants Dad to watch TV somewhere else. / Sherwood can't ride the zip line. / A skateboarder signs autographs.

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