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The story centers around Koichi Sakakibara, a middle school transfer student from another region in Japan who transfers to Yobiyama, Japan his birth place when his father takes up work in India. Upon transferring schools in the Spring of 1998, Koichi begins to catch on to the possibility of a secret that the students of his new school are keeping from him. Ignoring the disappearances of fellow students from time to time, the school's odd behavior on such things unnerves Koichi. The entire place creeps him out and the fact that he keeps running into a mysterious girl named Misaki is even more unnerving. When asking another student about the mysterious girl with short black hair and an eye patch, the students deny any knowledge but their reactions are obviously nervous, as if the name does ring a bell.

It's revealed that 26 years ago prior to his arrival, there was a third-year student named Mei Misaki. She was a popular girl who was good at pretty much everything she tried, including sports and being on the honor roll, to name a few. One day after she was struck with a sudden death, her classmates began to pretend that she was still there, attending class with them. They decided that pretending that she was still alive would be a good thing until graduation of that year came about.

Mei Misaki warns Koichi of not getting close to her as his class is, as she says "closer to death" than the rest of the school. Confused at the meaning, the story progresses with Koichi getting more and more curious as to the history of the place and of the girl. This leads to some unexpected twists and turns that forces him to delve even deeper than expected into a past that is littered with blood and threatens his very own life in the process.

The series is one of horror, mystery, and suspense. It's directed by Tsutomu Mizushima and the voice acting for the main cast in the subbed version of this adaptation is done by Natsumi Takamori (Mei Misaki) and Atsushi Abe (Koichi Sakakibara).

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1 Season, 12 Episodes - Canceled
January 10, 2012
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  • Panic ensues at the lodge as desperate students seek the key to stopping the class 3 calamity once and for all. Can Kouichi and his friends find the solution before the death count rises again?

  • Matsunaga's tape has at last revealed the measures necessary to stop the calamity once it has begun. Kouichi, Mei, Teshigawara, and Mochizuki try to think of a way to bring class 3's continuing tragedies to an end, but when the tape falls into the wrong hands...

  • Kouichi and his friends found the tape Matsunaga left in the old school building, but the casualty count continued to rise. So class 3, led by Ms. Mikami and Chibiki, begin their class trip, where Kouichi, Mei, and Teshigawara meet in Mochizuki's room to listen to the rest of Matsunaga's tape. Through it Matsunaga tells them what he did to stop the calamity...

  • An unexpected accident outside Yomimaya once again puts class 3 on edge. After Matsunaga's vague whispers point to the classroom, Kouichi decides to investigate the old class three 3 homeroom in the former school building.

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