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Bamboo Blade is an anime, or Japanese animation, television show that originally aired in Japan. Like most anime, this show was based off of a manga, or Japanese comic book. The series follows several kendo students and their instructor, Toraji Ishida. Kendo is a sport that utilizes the tradition Japanese sword fighting methods. Practitioners of kendo use a sword that is actually four slats of bamboo, instead of an actual sharpened weapon, hence the name of the show.

In the beginning of the series, Toraji is a poor kendo, economics and politics teacher at Muroe High School. He can barely afford to pay his rent and feed himself, and is feeling down in the dumps. Life seems miserable for Toraji, and he sometimes feels like he will never be able to escape his financial troubles. Sometimes, this teacher even sinks so low that he must ask students for handouts.

Life changes for Toraji when he is offered a deal by a rival kendo instructor. If Toraji can beat the other teacher's team of five students in a tournament, he will be given free sushi for a year. The catch is, Toraji's team of five must be made up of five girls, not boys. At this point, Toraji only has one girl student, so the bet seems impossible. Still, Toraji badly needs the sushi, so he agrees and begins building a strong team.

Soon, Toraji has put together a respectable, if quirky, team of five girls. These girls include Tamaki Kawazoe, who is actually a very strong kendo student. With her and the other girls in his team, Toraji feels confident that the can win the tournament. Throughout the series, Toraji and the girls, along with the two boys who join the team, become better at their sport, but also learn more about themselves and each other. As the face their challenges, they grow stronger both as a team and as individuals.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 26 Episodes - Canceled
October 2, 2007
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Bamboo Blade Full Episode Guide

  • Tamaki doesn??'t know what to do when some freshmen show up to check out the kendo club. Kirino ponders life after high school, and a familiar face returns to the dojo.

  • Next up for the reunited kendo club is a tournament ripe for revenge. Miyako gets a chance to silence her rival, and Tamaki is destined for a rematch with Rin!

  • After Miyako and Tamaki resign, Kirino does her best to hold the kendo club together. But even she can??'t handle a downtrodden sensei and a looming suspension.

  • Tamaki's stunning loss to Rin crushed the morale of the kendo club, and things only get worse when the principal summons Toraji to his office for a less-than-pleasant chat.

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