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Series Length:6 Seasons, 249 Episodes
Network: Cartoon Network

Dexter is a young boy prodigy who was born with an extraordinary mind. With his brilliant mind, Dexter has built his very own extremely high-tech and expansive laboratory in his room. However, he has to keep this laboratory a secret which isn't an easy task. Especially since all he wants to do is spend time in his laboratory inventing new things. His annoying older sister does not make his life any easier, barging in and ruining everything in site!

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Status: Canceled/Ended
Rating: 9/10
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  • "They Got Chops" (7 minutes) When Dee Dee starts layin' the judo on Dexter, he learns to fight back. "Poetic Injustice" (7 minutes) Dexter falls for a girl at school and tries to win her heart with the most unscientific thing of all-poetry. "Comedy of Feathers" (7 minutes) Dee Dee decides she wants the ostrich at the zoo for her very own.

  • "The Lab of Tomorrow" (7 minutes) Dexter narrates as he shows new scientists the great inventions he has planned for a super, future, modern lab. "Chicken Scratch" (5:40) When Dexter comes down with a case of Chicken Pox, DeeDee warns him that if he scratches at all, he'll turn into a chicken. Dexter does not believe such nonsense... but can his mighty genius keep him from scratching? [Originally a theatrical cartoon]"Garage Sale" (7 minutes) When the family has a garage sale, one of Dexter's inventions ends up in Mandark's hands.

  • "Tee Party" (11 minutes) When Dad makes Dexter be his caddy, Dexter destroys the normally peaceful game of golf. "Dexter's Wacky Races" (11 minutes) The Dexter cast is outfitted in their various mobiles cr"ating havoc as they race towards the finish line.

  • "Voice Over" (7 minutes) When Computer gets laryngitis, Dexter must find a replacement voice for her. "Blonde Leading the Blonde" (7 minutes) When Dexter refuses to see that blondes have more fun, Dee Dee secretly dyes his hair to prove her point. "Comic Stripper (7 minutes) When Dexter realizes that all of Mandark's diabolical plans come from a comic book, he swipes the latest issue and prepares to finally beat his arch nemesis.

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