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Dragon Ball z Kai is a highly acclaimed anime television program that first aired in the Fuji TV. The animation has now been digitally remade and now is shown is high definition sound and picture to provide viewers with a better experience. This shows theme song is preformed by Takayoshi Tanimoto, A singer/ songwriter, and the songs are called, Dragon soul, which is the opening theme song and, Yeah! Break! Care! Break, which is the name of the song for the closing credits. It also has talented voice actors who bring life to their characters, thus making the show exciting.

This show has an enticing plot that is based on another TV program and starts when the planet Vegeta, run by Friena, was taken over by Goku on earth. After five years passed, Goku won the 23rd World National Martial Arts tournament and marries Chi-Chi, who has a son named Gohan with Goku.

Gohan and his father head to a reunion with Goku's friends at the master Roshi's island. Meanwhile on earth, a spaceship comes plunging down and crashed, a man wearing battle attire steps out from the wreckage. He came to earth with the intent to look for a powerful life form, which he searches for using a gadget on his eye. This man almost killed Piccolo, but this was averted once the man determined that there was a more powerful life source, Goku. The stranger then finds Goku and to Goku's surprise, the stranger has a monkey tail similar to the one he previously had.

The Stranger introduces himself as Raditz, Goku's older brother. Goku wasn't able to remember because when he was just a child he suffered from a devastating fall which caused him to suffer brain damage. Raditz tells Goku that he is actually one of the last remaining Saiyan aliens, a species of powerful life forms. He also tells Goku that he is here on earth to extinguish the human population and asks Goku if he would help him accomplish this. When Goku refuses, Raditz holds him captive.

Piccolo finds out and asks Goku if he would like to team up and defeat Raditz. Goku accepts and soon they chase after Raditz. When Piccolo and Goku confront him, Raditz is not afraid because he says that the 2 Saiyans have more power than Goku.

This show brings its viewers crazy, action-packed scenarios and situations and brings them excitement.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 8:00 PM et/pt on NickToons
4 Seasons, 113 Episodes - Currently Airing
May 24, 2010
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Dragon Ball Z Kai Full Episode Guide

  • Vegeta puts his new powers to the test in a shocking slugfest with Cell. Back in the Room of Spirit and Time, Goku attempts to teach Gohan the secret to a Super Saiyan transformation!

  • Desperate to help Android 18 escape, Tien places his own life at risk in an unwinnable battle with the monster Cell. When the three-eyed warrior's power quickly fades, he'll need a lift from a friend to avoid a gruesome end!

  • After defeating Piccolo, Cell turns his attention to his true prey: Androids 17 and 18. The monster must absorb them both to achieve his perfect form, but Android 16 still stands in his way!

  • Cell's arrival forces Piccolo and the Androids into an uneasy - and temporary - alliance. While the Super Namekian mounts a desperate, final attack, Goku and Gohan wait for Vegeta to emerge from the Room of Spirit and Time!

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