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Series Length:6 Seasons, 72 Episodes
Network: TVFN

Your favorite Food Network chefs Giada De Laurentiis, Paula Deen, Bobby Flay, the Neelys, Sandra Lee and Tyler Florence are going to help you make delicious holiday meals for your loved ones.

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Genre: Food
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  • First, learn why Manwich has been a sloppy joe sensation for over 40 years. Next, Subway has a sandwich to feed a giant appetite, and when it comes to peanut butter sandwiches, Skippy has things covered.

  • First, witness the clash of two titanic flavors with Doritos Collisions chips. Next, how do cream and milk come together to create the essential coffee complement? The Sassy Cow Creamery shows how they produce Half & Half.

  • First, Nestle reveals some surprising ingredients in an old favorite, the Butterfinger. Then, crab legs aren't the only things hopping at Joe's Crab Shack. And what kind of company produces elbows and hair?

  • First, Great American Cookies are always big, but one cookie is so huge you'll need friends to help eat it! Tornado Fries are a new, twisty take on french fries, and they're already as popular as they are giant!

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