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The grass is green. The lights brighten. The town rolls up it's storefronts to see the football game. The citizens of the community participate in a weekly tradition that pulls them together and entertains them. For the townspeople of Dillon, Texas this traditional scene plays out like it does for many middle class towns. The one difference is that you won't find Dillon, Texas on a map. You'll find it on the show Friday Night Lights.

Friday Night Lights is a serialized television drama that explores the relationships effected by the events that occur on and off the Panther's field. The main story arc focuses upon coach Eric Taylor, whose life and his family's life will be effected by the outcome of the game. Other relationships spark off from the main flame of focus, which is the overall football team.

The show follows players like Brian "Smash" Williams, Tim Riggins, and Matt Saracen too. Two of the players, Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen come from broken homes. Riggins is an unfocused teen who drifts from good intentions into bad ideas because of the choices he makes. He passes in and out of the Panther's Team, which is the one place he finds a modicum of stability. Matt Saracen is a talented player who is compelled to excel because of the financial burden placed upon his mother. Like many young people, he seeks to take the burden off of his family and hopes to achieve a better life for them through his success in football. Finally, Smash is a player who has the familiar pressure to be a star athlete. The show explores the nature of that stress and how one can resurrect one's interest in what they love.

Situations change throughout the show for the residents of Dillon, Texas. The one thing that remains the same is football. When the lights go up on the field, the town will show up. Then, it's another day to show off the Friday Night Lights.

5 Seasons, 76 Episodes - Canceled
October 3, 2006
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Friday Night Lights Full Episode Guide

  • The Taylors face several decisions that could dramatically change their lives.

  • Coach Taylor is offered a deal of a lifetime. Tim assesses his future plans when an old flame returns to Dillon. The future of High School Football in the town of Dillon is decided.

  • Tami is flown to Pennsylvania for the opportunity of a lifetime; Coach Taylor feels threatened as East Dillon faces serious budget cuts; Vince becomes the man of the house again; The Lions begin their quest for state.

  • An elite college football program attempts to lure Coach away from East Dillon. Vince vows to earn his spot back. Friends and family speak at Tim's parole hearing. East Dillon holds a Fall Sports Banquet.

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