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The Gypsy Sister's in a new reality television series that is primarily aired on the TLC channel, and it has an approximate running time of around 1 hour long per each episode. This television series takes place in Martins-burg, West Virginia and it is focused on the wild and crazy Stanley family tree. The Stanley family has become some of the most well known Gypsies in West Virginia. This wild and crazy family is focused around Nettie and her sister Mellie, their cousin Kayla, and Kayla's sister in law Laura.

Nettie Stanley is a very outspoken woman who loves to spread gossip around like it is her job. She has 9 kids and when she is not taking care of them and intruding on their lives, she was playing mother goose to her sister Mellie Stanley. Mellie is a young woman who is wild, careless, temper mental, and not afraid to throw punches at anyone in her way. She works as a stripper, and makes Nettie feel that she is bringing shame to their family by her wild ways. Making Mellie somewhat of the families black sheep.

The sister's cousin Kayla however, has made it her goal to be the best wife to her husband Richard, and be the greatest mom to her daughter Danielle. Unfortunately, Kayla and Richard's house has become somewhat of a zoo. This is because Kayla's brother Gus and her sister in law Laura have moved into their house. Combined together with her family and her brother's, they have 11 people trying to coexist under one roof.

The Gypsy Sister's shows the everyday activities of each of these young families. From the family feuds, dealing with past relationships, and trying to maintain their current ones. Fists will be throwing in the family and when they are out and trying to have fun. A life filled with every emotion imaginable.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
4 Seasons, 29 Episodes - Currently Airing
February 10, 2013
Family, Reality
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Gypsy Sisters Full Episode Guide

  • Reflecting on some of the most outrageous and hilarious moments from past seasons of the Gypsy Sisters. From epic fights to bling-tastic celebrations; one thing is for certain - there's never a dull moment in this wild and crazy family!

  • Mellie asks Nettie to plan Brandy's baptism.

  • A phone call in the middle of the night brings news of tragedy.

  • On a quest to become cowgirls, the gypsies get down and dirty on a dude ranch, courtesy of Dovie. From cleaning stalls, to herding cattle, the girls must work together in order to achieve success... and it's a comedy or errors along the way.

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