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Law & Order is one of those shows that have made it many years. This series is still making new episodes. When watching this show for the first time you will be able to immediately tell if it is something you would like or not. This show is about law enforcement individuals who solve everyday crimes. The actors in this show take their job very seriously and handle every crime as if it were happening in real life. They do all different kinds of crime scenarios on this television series. Some of the episodes are related to the special victims unit and others relate to criminal intent. They have kept the same actors throughout the series for the most part. This show is a show for the older crowd since it is rated TV-14. On Law & Order you will notice that almost every scenario can relate to something that can truly occur in real life. The category it is placed under is Drama. It has won many awards throughout the years for how great the show has been.

When deciding if this show is for you keep in mind many things. One thing is how graphic it can be. Some people cannot handle hearing about murders or sexual crimes. That is one reason the show is rated what it is and also why it is considered a drama. So next time you are flipping through the channels and see that it is on maybe you will decide to give it a chance!

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20 Seasons, 462 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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  • A terrorist threatens students.

  • A reality TV crew finds a dead body locked in a dog cage.

  • A man's double life is discovered after he is stabbed to death.

  • When a young heiress dies of an apparent drug overdose, Lupo and Bernard begin to suspect her cousin, whose inheritance increased after her death.

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