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The TV Show "Life" is an excellent example of how superb acting and writing can come together to make a unique, outstanding show. The show has a premise that has never been done before and the filming and acting is unmatched. Damian Lewis, a top notch, fairly unknown actor until he starred previously in HBO's Band of Brothers, is the main star of the show and he packs wallop. Lewis is in top form as a former detective, Charlie Crews, who was wrongly accused of the heinous crime of murdering his best friend and the friend's family. Not much is actually shown about the murders, which is a nice difference in a world of cop shows where on every one the more gruesome the exploitation of the crime the better it seems.

At the premiere of the show, convicted murderer, Crews, who was sentenced to life in prison, and served 12 years of this unjust sentence, is being released. New DNA evidence shows Crews did not commit the murders, which of course he always maintained, and he is released and must rejoin society after not functioning in it for quite sometime.

He resumes being a detective and interwoven to the story lines of the case being solved each week is an ongoing story of Charlie and his demons and the other things thrown into his life by means of the conviction and sentence. But interestingly the writers also choose to weave in some dark humor and comedic moments as well.

Charlie is a complex, interesting character who comes out of prison with a new enlightenment and Zen like attitude. This calm attitude is counteracted, however, with a obsessive desire to solve the crime that he was accused of and for which he was imprisoned.

The intense drama is balanced nicely with warped black humor. Crews never got fresh fruit in prison as it is unavailable, so he has a ravenous desire to always have it now and some of the funniest moments that break up the drama come when he obsesses about fruit.

He has a intricate ongoing secretive wall where he has mapped out his many theories and thoughts. The wall shows a mastery of both research and paranoia.

Watching this show makes you think along with simply entertaining you. Days after watching an episode, I guarantee you will be trying to figure things out right along with Charlie.

3 Seasons, 38 Episodes - Canceled
September 26, 2007
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  • Ryan faces on of the biggest challenges in his life when he finds out his two best friends are moving away for college. Ryan is offered a major role in a Hollywood movie, but struggles with how his haters will respond.

  • Ryan's younger brother, Shane, needs Ryan's help convincing mom to le him go on a skate trip, but even Ryan doubts if he's ready to be on the road unsupervised. Meanwhile, Ryan meets a super cute model named Melissa.

  • The X Games competition is the most important contest of the year to Ryan, but can he overcome his injury in order to break his losing streak? Steve encourages Ryan to cut down on frivolous spending.

  • Ryan is hosting the first annual Ryan Sheckler Celebrity Golf Tournament, but when Ryan invites his buddies, Steve gets concerned. Ryan must prove to his younger brother that he is still an important part of his life.

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