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Foghorn Leghorn is an American classic cartoon character. He appears in the cartoon of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. Foghorn was created by Robert McKimson and starred in twenty eight cartoons between the years of 1946 to 1963. Foghorn was inspired by the popular character of Senator Claghorn, a blustery politician played by Kenny Delmar who was a regular character on the Fred Allen radio show. The creators of Foghorn adapted a lot of the catch phrases that Claghorn used also.

Foghorn Leghorn was an over grown white rooster, that lived on a farm. Foghorn Leghorn was known for his mischievous ways with The Barnyard Dog in the cartoons he starred in. He would play tricks on the dog, but he occasionally had tricks played on him. Foghorn would have to outsmart a baby chicken hawk while the chicken hawk was trying to catch him to eat him.

Warner Bros.
1 Season, 17 Episodes
May 6, 1950
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Looney Tunes: Foghorn Leghorn Full Episode Guide

  • During a snow-covered winter, Foghorn Leghorn uses the weasel against the barn's guard dog. The guard dog also uses the weasel against Foghorn, sending him back and forth for both sides.

  • Foghorn Leghorn fools a guard dog into running around crazy-like by yelling, "weasel!" When the real weasel comes, the dog doesn't believe Foghorn, so he doesn't lift a finger to help. Foghorn decides to team up with the weasel to get rid of the dog.

  • Banty is a world champion fighter who begins swinging anytime he hears a bell. He stumbles upon Foghorn's farm. When Foghorn learns about Banty's problem, he plans how to use Banty against his foe -- a farm dog.

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