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Staring a group of twenty-somethings, this show brought in the nineties showing people that a group of growing professional's could make it big in California. The actors showed the viewers that forming personal relationships in a tight nit apartment community was not always easy. Melrose Place, an apartment complex owned by the vixen, Amanda Woodward, played by Heather Locklear, owned the apartment complex but she also ran D&D advertising, a powerful add agency where most of the inhabitants of the apartment complex worked.

Amanda showed us how powerful woman of the nineties were becoming and that you could have it all. From the power, to the looks, to the men, she did, in later season's, seem to have it all. Melrose Place showed the viewer real drama and was one of the most popular shows of the decade running ten years. This show had all the drama and showed the viewer, the actors that we have come to know. As in later years the show had Brooke Camble, a devious over achiever and daddies little princess, played by Kristen Davis. Also, let's not forget the Alcoholic, Courtney Thorne-Smith, the Doctor, Marcia Cross and the designer, Josie Bisset.

This show was made for TV and had all the drama and action that one person could ask for. Although, like every show, you lose some of the characters that you love and gain some other characters that you love to hate, you would want to do yourself a favor and watch the Golden Globe nominate, GLAAD AWARD winning drama series where available.

7 Seasons, 230 Episodes - Canceled
July 8, 1992
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  • Terry and Sarah survive the car accident where Ryan finally makes amends between Megan and Terry, who agrees to leave town and Ryan to start over his life with Megan and Sarah.

  • After Marlin accidentally dies from an overdose of Viagra while being with Lexi in her apartment, she asks Michael for help to take Marlin's dead body back to his house to cover up any guilt.

  • After her finished film product for Marlin somehow gets destroyed, Amanda decides to shut down her company.

  • On the cruise liner sailing along the Mexican coast to film the commercial, Marlin orders Amanda to run an interference with Peter to keep him away from Eve as he sets his plan to seduce her.

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