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Miami Vice is a 1980's police drama starring Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett, and Phillip Michael Thomas as Rico Tubbs. Crockett and Tubbs are two undercover detectives working in the underworld of Miami. The show had a great influence on popular culture in the 80's, from beautiful women, fast cars, to cool clothes, Miami Vice set the tone for the greater part of the decade.

The show redefined police dramas on television. The days of the the bulky cop cars, revolvers, and tweed jackets are long gone. The were replaced by Ferraris, automatic weapons, speed boats and an ultra-chic Armani jacket worn over a t-shirt.

The show featured breathtaking scenery that was set ablaze with a trendsetting soundtrack that had everyone flocking to the stores to get a copy! Jan Hammer's Miami Vice Theme Song that played at the start of every show jumpstarted a musical experience that was on par with the beautiful visual masterpiece created by director Michael Mann. The list of mainstream musicians who had music that was featured on the show was equally impressive; U2, Tina Turner, Peter Gabriel, and Phil Collins just to name a few. One iconic scene showed Crockett and Tubbs driving down the streets of Miami with Phil Collins' mega-hit "In the Air Tonight" playing. That scene alone sent shockwaves through popular culture in the 80's!

Life as an undercover cop wasn't all about flare and fashion, Crockett and Tubbs found themselves in situations that caused them to question their moral fiber and their duty as police officers. There were times where the choices that they were forced to make put them close to the line between being a cop and being a criminal.

The show's writers allowed the viewer to see through the hail of bullets and the smoke from the exhaust, and into the souls of these two men as they fought to keep the streets of Miami safe while struggling to maintain their identities away from the job.

5 Seasons, 117 Episodes - Canceled
September 16, 1984
Action & Adventure, Drama
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  • Tubbs' old flame, Valerie, returns to Miami to assist an old friend and her goddaughter. Tubbs wants to renew his relationship with Valerie, but she is intent on rescuing her friend from the threats of a drug dealer.

  • A series of student related deaths lead Crockett and a Friend to investigate the actions of a college Professor

  • Crockett and Tubbs contend with a harmless vigilante in superhero garb who manages to seriously compromise their drug sting operations

  • Lombrad resurfaces, on the run and under fire from a crime lord out to finish him once and for all

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