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My Cat From Hell follows a professional cat trainer named Jackson Galaxy. He travels from house to house to help people learn the proper ways to train their cat. He also does most of the training himself. Most of the time the cat doesn't get along with it's owners spouse or room mate.

Jackson Galaxy believes that every cat can be trained. Galaxy usually goes into a room alone with the cat. He always takes along cat treats and cat toys to calm the cat down. He usually sees a whole different side of the cat when he is alone with it.

Jackson gives direct orders to the cat's owner and friend to follow. He comes back some time in a few days or weeks to see how things are going with the cat and it's behavior. Most of the time it's behavior has changed or is showing improvement. The owner and friend have also learned how to deal with the behaviors and help train the cat.

My Cat From Hell airs on Animal Planet. People can except to learn about the behaviors of a cat. They will also learn ways they can help a cat with certain behaviors. Cat owners can learn new ways to train their cat or cats to get along with other cats in the house or other people in the house. Although Galaxy doesn't look like he would be a cat trainer...he does a good job. He takes pride in what he does and makes the show very interesting.

Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
8 Seasons, 85 Episodes - Currently Airing
March 7, 2011
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My Cat From Hell Full Episode Guide

  • Jackson goes to a shelter in Los Angeles to help an overaggressive cat, and ultimately gets involved in a new concept for the facility.

  • A visit to the Koneko Cat CafĂ© in New York City. Also: Two roommates' felines keep charging each other; a mother and daughter battle to care for a spooked feral cat.

  • A cat fights to adjust to its rescue home, so Jackson takes the unprecedented step of looking to a foster family in the hope that they'll keep it.

  • Jackson visits New York City to assist a dad and his son who care for a feral cat colony in their backyard, but it's turning into too big of a task. Also, a couple worry about their antisocial feline.

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