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NewsRadio is a hit comedy television series that aired for five seasons and 97 episodes. The show had a cast of comedy all-stars. The cast consisted of Dave Foley, Phil Hartman, Stephen Root, Maura Tierney, Andy Dick, Joe Rogan, Vicki Lewis and Khandi Alexander. Jon Lovitz joined the cast for season five after the passing of Phil Hartman.

The show is about WNYX, an all-news radio station in New York City. The show was written for the quick-witted delivery of the cast. The station was a bit different than a normal station and was staffed with a very eccentric and quirky staff.

The pilot episode of NewsRadio started with the arrival of the new station manager, Dave Nelson. Dave has relocated to New York from the Midwest. Initially the station mistakes him for a young and naïve country boy moving to the big city, but he quickly proves himself to them that he is smart and level-headed.

All levels of the station staff have very strong personalities. Jimmy James is the hands-on millionaire owner. He spends a lot of time at the station and has a very mysterious past; one even claimed that he was the true Deep Throat from the investigation of Watergate. Bill McNeill is the on-air news anchor. He is loud and outspoken, as well as an incredible pain in Nelson's neck. Dave's on-and-off love interest also works in the station in the person of Lisa Miller. She wears several hats at the station including reporter, host, producer and director. Matthew Brock is a lovably awkward news reporter who has an unhealthy obsession and professional admiration for Bill, who takes advantage of Matthew's affection. Bill's co-anchor and chief arch enemy is Catherine Duke.

During the run of the show there were plenty of cameos from other comedy legends such as Ben Stiller, Jerry Seinfeld, John Ritter, Jon Stewart, Dennis Miller, Norm MacDonald and Patton Oswalt.

5 Seasons, 98 Episodes - Currently Airing
March 21, 1995
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  • Following Jimmy's departure, the station staff is too despondent to work. Insisting that his absence is only temporary, Dave feels vindicated when Jimmy returns. However, after announcing that he's back just long enough to complete the sale of the station, Jimmy takes Dave aside to complain about being lonely and asks him to move to New Hampshire, too. After insisting that he can spare no one, Dave reconsiders and suggests that Jimmy take Matthew instead. While Matthew suspects some powerful reverse psychology is being employed to get him to accept the offer, Beth, Lisa and Joe all agree that he would never make it outside New York. However, when Jimmy suggests that they all come along, Dave must then keep everyone from defecting. Meanwhile, after Matthew accepts the offer, Lisa decides to follow Jimmy to New Hampshire for the upcoming presidential primary election. In the wake of Lisa's resignation, Dave learns that Beth and Max are going to New Hampshire, too.

  • Having agreed to switch jobs for a day, Jimmy goes to work as a reporter at the station while Matthew becomes a tycoon. But as Dave keeps Jimmy from trying to make news that he can then cover, Matthew calls on Joe for help to turn on the computer in his new office. Meanwhile, after Dave bars Max from the breakroom for stealing food, Beth is caught using false names to cash in on a free CD offer. Out of boredom, Jimmy decides to do a little trading in the stock market for Matthew. But Matthew's efforts to do the same in his boss's account cost Jimmy his entire multi-billion dollar fortune. Meanwhile, as Beth tries enlisting the staff in an effort to hide her stolen CD's, Dave keeps Max from eating anywhere at the station. With Dave doing everything he can to keep Jimmy from killing Matthew, Beth resigns herself to the fact that her CD scam is going to send her to jail.

  • Having finally had enough of the staff's lax behavior, Dave wants to set an example by firing someone. As an alternative, Lisa recommends giving them one more chance by asking everyone to submit a written description of their job. After receiving Lisa's forty-page submission, Dave asks for the others at a staff meeting. However, when everyone else falls short, he's still intent on letting someone go. As he and Max turn to Joe for martial arts lessons, a protective suit makes Matthew feel invincible to everything, including Dave's threats. And after deciding that once a year is too limiting, Jimmy sends Beth out to collect all the Mother's Day cards she can find before setting out to make every day one to celebrate mothers. After begging everyone to comply with Dave's request, Lisa is surprised when Jimmy takes to the air to announce his Million Mommas March on Washington, D.C.

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Andy Dick Arrested for Andy Dick-ish Behavior

Known for over the top comedy and sometimes genius-level, razor-sharp wit, Andy Dick has made audiences laugh uncomfortably for years on shows like "NewsRadio" and "Community." It's the other side of Dick, the side that landed him on "Celebrity Rehab," that could (and maybe should) ultimately end up putting him behind bars for a while. Dick was arrested Monday night at a Marie Callender's in Temecula, California, for causing a disturbance and being blatantly intoxicated.

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