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Phi-Brain: Puzzle of God is a Japanese anime television series directed by Junichi Sato. The television series focuses on Kaito, a puzzle-loving freshman in high school, who is a candidate for Phi Brain group. One day after school Kaito and his friend Nonoha find a puzzle near their school, which they consider to be an unsolvable puzzle. Unfortunately, for Kaito and Nonah the puzzle is a philosopher's puzzle, which was created by a mysterious Puzzle Of God Group, and it is very dangerous and could kill them if it is not solved correctly.

The show features several main characters such as Kaito Daimon a freshman who enjoys solving puzzles but is easily insulted when the puzzles are used for hurting others. He is very sensitive about evil puzzles as his parents were killed trying to solve an evil puzzle. He is considered an Einstein puzzle solver and has an Orpheus armband, which enables him to use his mental abilities to their fullest potential. Nonoha Itou is Kaito's childhood friend who goes to every puzzle with Kaito and attempts to help him solve them. She is not very good with actual puzzles but is very good at spots and she has an exceptional photographic memory. She is later given the title of Nightingale because she bakes so many sweets that everyone except for Kaito loves and because she helps little children during a puzzle. The show also features Gammon Sakanoue a puzzle Solver with the title Galileo. He likes to solve puzzles for money and is very competitive with Kaito because of his puzzle solving ability and his relationship with Nonoha who Gammon has a very large crush on. He has the same mental ability as Kaito except when Kaito has the Orpheus arm band on. Other characters include Cubic Galois an Edison solver who is great with robotics and mechanics, Ana Gram a feminine cross-dressing young boy who enjoys painting and who has a vast knowledge of famous paintings but who prefers math to puzzles.

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  • A menacing new puzzle awaits Kaito, with Rook in the center of it all. With the God Scrolls on the line, Kaito must solve this strange new ball puzzle fast, while also saving Rook from himself.

  • Kaito locks himself in his hotel room to reflect on the outcomes of the last few puzzles he has solved. Raetsel gets him out of the dumps and decides that the best way to defeat orpheus is to work together.

  • With Jin now a complete wreck, Gammon finds out that POG's leader, Count Pythagoras, intends to pit Kaito and Rook against each other in order to open the gate to the Puzzle of the Gods. The race is on, and everyone has a chance to be first.

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