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Strange Sex is a documentary television series that focuses on issues relating to sexuality and sexual dysfunction. Many of the episodes deal with weird aspects of human sexuality. Each hour-long episode discusses one topic relating to sex. They discuss people who suffer from a sexual allergy and are thus unable to have sex.

The show is not intended to titillate the viewer, but instead, brings on scientists and experts in human behavior to examine unique parts of a human being's sexual behavior. All of the episodes have a person with a unique problem or condition related to sex, and then brings on the scientists and medical experts to discuss how and why that person may be experiencing the conditions that they do. One woman claims that she can think herself to orgasm and does not need any outside stimulus and the scientists test her pronouncement.

The series deals with both the pleasurable sides of human sexuality such as different fetishes and the painful sides, such as people suffering from disorders that makes it hard for them to enjoy sex. The purpose of the series is really to explore all aspects of human behavior and get into the complexities and uniqueness of sex that most people do not talk about. The series goes beyond just the act of sexual intercourse to delve into the nature and reason behind so many people's sexual desires. The series also touches on the topic of gender identity which is often closely linked to sexuality. The show takes a serious look at these issues, making sure not to make the problems suffered by people to appear scandalous or dirty. Though they take an intimate approach, they also make sure the approach is scientific and the dialogue surrounding the show works to expand the viewer's knowledge of human sexuality.

Sundays at 10:00 pm on TLC
3 Seasons, 25 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
July 18, 2010
Documentary & Biography
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  • A male is unable to get an erection after the age of 12; a couple put their house on the market when it's filled with sex furniture.

  • A man suffers from pain during sex ever since he had a vasectomy more than a year ago; a woman claims she can reach orgasm without physical contact.

  • A man donates his sperm to help couples have children.

  • Sandy becomes a sex addict; a man is born with two holes in his genitalia.

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A Sexed-Up April in Store for TLC

TLC will be give viewers a sexual education of sorts when “Strange Sex” returns for a second session on April 3. The series examines mysterious sexual conditions, fetishes and the science behind sexual attraction. “Strange Sex” shares the stories of individuals who break their silence about the embarrassment and frustration they face while living with their sexual conditions.

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