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The Pioneer Woman is a newly created cooking show airing exclusively on The Food Network on Saturday mornings (local times vary). Ree Drummond is a long-time blogger and newly-turned TV star. Her blog features life on her family's cattle ranch in Oklahoma where she cooks "cowboy approved" meals and hones her photography skills.

The TV show is filmed at Ree's family home so viewers get to experience exactly where she lives and they get to meet her four children, her husband "Marlboro Man", and various friends, family, and ranch staff. Down to earth and always smiling, Ree loves to play practical jokes on her teenage children before she scoots back to the kitchen to make hearty lunches and smorgasbord dinners.

While Ree lives on a cattle ranch, her food isn't focused around beef. She produces a good balance of meals that are suitable for every palate so long as they all have on thing in common: viewers must like butter. She prepares meats in various ways, from grilling to frying to broiling. She whips up anything from delectable sauces, colorful salads, and adult drinks (with a version for kids on the side).

If she isn't preparing meals for her immediate family, Ree is spreading the love through her small ranching town with candy and baked goods. The show follows her out on her errands where she hands out baskets of cinnamon rolls at Christmastime and collections of homemade candy on Valentine's Day. The weekly church potluck brings out more of Ree's "feed the crowd" cooking, where she's always ready to serve a steaming casserole.

If viewers are craving the feel-good comfort food of their childhood, The Pioneer Woman is the show for them. Ree can put together a meal fit for a dusty field hand while maintaining her former city-girl roots by creating an elegant dinner party for a group of her best girlfriends.

Saturday 11:30 AM et/pt on Food Network
12 Seasons, 162 Episodes - Currently Airing
Reality, How To, Family
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The Pioneer Woman Full Episode Guide

  • Ree Drummond puts tequila to use when fixing a meal. Recipes featured are queso fundido con tequila; shrimp-tortilla soup; berries with tequila cream; and a spicy Tequila Sunrise cocktail.

  • To kick off the opening of Ree Drummond's new mercantile, she is hosting an on-site dinner for her girlfreinds who have helped her prep store. The dinner begins with a beautiful Quinoa Salad with Buttery Roast Veggies, next she offers the gals a nice pot of Cheesy Cauliflower Soup with chunks of gooey Jalapeno Cheese Bread. As an after dinner treat, Ree prepared decadent Salted Caramel Cheesecake Squares.

  • Ree Drummond puts on a Pioneer Woman question and answer. She puts together a fabulous Slow Cooker Mexican Soup and a nutritious Killer Kale Salad. In addition, Ree shows off her Mom's White Sandwich Bread, topped with Blue Cheese and Chive Butter.

  • Ree Drummond's putting together four fabulous lunches, from crowd pleasers to solo pleasures. Including: spicy Chuck Burgers overflowing with onion rings and a mother-daughter lunch combination of Sesame Tofu Salad. Then, she fixes a generous tray of Hot Hawaiian Beef Sandwiches for the hungry children and cowboys, and at last, Mango Chili Chicken, for only her.

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