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The television series known as The Pretender is about an intelligent young man named Jarod who has the ability to effectively pretend to be whosoever he desires to be at a time and do so very well. Jarod was a young man who had terrible experiences growing up as a child during his childhood days. He was kidnapped and taken to a place known as The Centre where he grew up. While at the Centre he gets very close to a guy named Sydney who is very nice to him and teaches him so many things. He considers him as a mentor and the father he never had.

One day Jarod finds out that the Centre is making use of data obtained from his activities he runs away. While on the run he comes across many criminals who were also suffering from emotional troubles like himself. However he starts experiencing the good things of life which he missed while growing up as a child at the Centre. While there he did not have access to sweets, ice creams, and other nice things he would have loved to have.

Jarod then embarks on a search for his parents whom he had never known and also to find out everything about his past, the history about his life and family. He finds out that the Centre had hidden information about the truths about the lives of so many of them who had been confined there. He finds out his mother was dead and is devastated about the events surrounding her death. He is however consoled as he finds his father but swears to avenge his mother's death despite his father's plea for him not to do so. Miss parker whose father was the director was charged to find Jarod and take him back to the Centre.

The main characters in the film included Michael Weiss as Jarold, Andrea Parker as Miss Parker, Patrick Bauchau as Sydney, Jon Gries as Broots. The series was created by Steven Mitchell and Craig Sickle and was broadcast on NBC.

4 Seasons, 85 Episodes - Canceled
September 19, 1996
Drama, Action & Adventure
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  • Clues from a videotape help Jarod track down a kidnapped daughter and mother.

  • Jarod joins a collection of small time criminals to expose the murderer of a young girl.

  • Jarod seeks to thwart a murderer out to eliminate a boy who is part of the witness protection program.

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