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Series Length:3 Seasons, 61 Episodes
Network: Shout Factory

The Papadapolis's are newlyweds. Upon arriving home from their honeymoon, they find out they are getting a child.

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Genre: Family, Comedy
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  • Webster takes a picture and shows it to Katherine, who then starts to think that a neighbor is having an affair.

  • Webster gets a chain letter. George throws it away and things mysteriously go wrong. Webster does bad on his test, there is a spider, and Papa Papadapolis falls down the stairs.

  • Robbers break into the house while Webster is home alone and he has to know how to act.

  • After cheating on Phil, the producer gives Phil's part to his now ex-girlfriend, which leaves Phil fired. Meanwhile, at George and Katherine's 2nd honeymoon the power and heat go off.

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