Brian Jacques' Redwall

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  • TV-Y7
  • 2001
  • 3 Seasons
  • 8.2  (1,075)

Matthias the mouse is orphaned when the vile rat Cluny The Scourge destroys his township.

Brian Jacques' Redwall
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Rose of Noonvale
39. Rose of Noonvale
July 28, 2002
The Fur and Freedom Fighters batter the Marshank gates, but it will not yield and so they are forced to retreat.
Battlefield Marshank
38. Battlefield Marshank
July 7, 2002
At Marshank, Brome watches Felldoh come under attack by Badrang's horde just as the Fur and Freedom Fighters arrive in support
Felldoh's Revenge
37. Felldoh's Revenge
June 30, 2002
Rose leads Martin and the others to Noonvale, where they are welcomed by her father Urran Voh
Tunnel Vision
36. Tunnel Vision
June 23, 2002
Under attack by the Gawtrybe, Martin and friends seek shelter in a cave and meet the huge owl Boldred who helps by chasing the Gawtrybe away
Heroes and Fools
35. Heroes and Fools
June 16, 2002
Trapped in the tunnel the slaves are able to make a huge effort and break out
From Marsh to Mountain Heights
34. From Marsh to Mountain Heights
June 9, 2002
Martin wakes in time to see The Warden under attack and runs to his aid
The Great Escapes
33. The Great Escapes
June 2, 2002
Rose and friends battle the fearsome Mirdop only to discover it is a giant doll created by timid rabbits to frighten away intruders
Freedom and Monsters
32. Freedom and Monsters
May 26, 2002
Martin and friends leave Polleekin heading into the woods where Grumm is attacked by bees and is saved when Rose sings the bees to sleep
The Play's the Thing
31. The Play's the Thing
May 19, 2002
Martin and friends press on towards the sunset and Noonvale.
New Friends and old Enemies
30. New Friends and old Enemies
May 12, 2002
Martin and friends survive the storm and as sun begins to shine they paddle towards the shore
Escape From Marshank
29. Escape From Marshank
May 5, 2002
Martin, Rose and the other slaves flee Marshank only to be lost at sea
The Return on Clogg
28. The Return on Clogg
April 28, 2002
Rose and her new companion Grumm hide from Tramun Clogg's advancin seaborne corsiars
27. Captured!
April 21, 2002
The inhabitants of Redwall gather at the Tapestry to hear the story of how Martin the Warrior came to Mossflower

Matthias the mouse is orphaned when the vile rat Cluny The Scourge destroys his township.

  • Premiere Date
    April 1, 2001
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (1,075)