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Host Jack Rico explores the science used to test every kind of product -- from the obscure to the fascinating to the everyday -- as well as more efficient ways to get the most out of everyday items and unique career paths in science and technology.

Saturday 11:00 AM et/pt on NBC
1 Season, 26 Episodes
October 9, 2018
Cast: Jack Rico
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Consumer 101 Full Episode Guide

  • Jack Rico shines some light on how Consumer Reports experts test a car's headlights; testers scientifically measure noise levels of a whole range of everyday appliances to help consumers make sound choices; how to protect against bed bugs.

  • How smart TVs take user information; modern car safety features; and how to make a delicious smoothie with a lot of health benefits.

  • Gadgets such as smart watches are tested to verify their accuracy; a Consumer Reports expert helps navigate the world of hybrid, electric and other eco-friendly vehicles; Jack Rico gets his groove on in the speaker testing lab.

  • Host Jack Rico plays a simple game to help create more complex passwords. Also: the meaning of a car's dashboard warning lights; and what to do about hidden fees with the help of a Consumer Reports expert.

  • Host Jack Rico learns about the resurgence of TV antennas, and why some consumers are tuning in with this retro tech. Then, Jack gets some help with his air travel anxiety from a Consumer Reports expert. Plus, a cookware tester shows how important one's choice of pots and pans is if one want to make a great meal.

  • A high-school marching band helps provide a look at what happens to sound in an "anechoic chamber" (a room with no echo). Then, it's an eye-opening wake-up call as host Jack Rico discovers how much added sugar could be lurking in his breakfast.

  • The pros and cons of smart doorbells; how to become healthier in a snap; and how to clean a computer.

  • How to safely anchor furniture to prevent it from tipping over and injuring a child. Then, a Consumer Reports expert shows how to protect one's self from mosquitoes and ticks. And, fed up with a slow Internet connection, Jack searches for a better Wi Fi connection.

  • How to keep a house powered up during a blackout. Also: a man who put a million miles on his car; tips to help get more miles out of one's car; and the secrets behind making a delicious and healthy smoothie.

  • Jack Rico discovers how much added sugar could be lurking in his breakfast. Then, we discover how to build a stronger password to prevent would be hackers from accessing our private data. And a first car is an exciting prospect for a teen but worrying for a parent.

  • Jack Rico meets the Consumer Reports team that tests how well cars handle sudden swerves; visits a gadget durability lab, where testers scratch, drop and dunk devices; and offers advice on how to protect your home from burglars while on vacation.

  • Host Jack Rico heads to the Consumer Reports auto test track to learn from a top car tester how to drive like a pro. Then, some top tips on how to stay safe when using a peer-to-peer payment app. And a look inside the mind of a top scientist by asking him to perform a simple task: clean a kitchen.

  • Jack Rico digs deep to find the right snow blower to clear a driveway; seeks a safe way to use a cellphone while driving; and with the help of a Consumer Reports expert, learns all about choosing the right mattress to help get a good night's sleep.

  • Host Jack Rico learns the correct way to paint a wall from a Consumer Reports expert with a similar name. Then, we take to the skies as Jack learns all about drones. And we look at the science behind fuel economy testing.

  • Many consumers love their smart TVs, without knowing how much information they gather; teams evaluate sunscreen to keep consumers safe; a Consumer Reports expert shows Jack Rico the safest and most effective way to pack a car for a trip.

  • What to do when hydroplaning on a wet road. Also: protecting a Wi Fi router from hackers; and grocery shopping with a scientist.

  • What happens to sound in an anechoic chamber, a room with no echo. Then, host Jack Rico learns all about modern car safety features with the help of Consumer Reports experts. And Jack finds out the dos and don'ts of preparing a meal safely.

  • Jack Rico learns how to drive off-road with the help of a top Consumer Reports expert; and he shares some useful tips to keep phones charged up while on the go and the best way to organize a yard sale.

  • Host Jack Rico helps Consumer Reports technicians turn up the heat on barbecues in the test lab to see how well they cook and how strong they are. Then, credit card ownership can be full of pitfalls so Jack learns some money saving strategies from an expert. And, they may fit your bed but how do you fit them into your linen closet? Consumer 101 has the 411 on folding a fitted sheet.

  • It's a work out like no other as host Jack Rico struggles to keep up with "Johnnie," an automated device used to test treadmills. Then, we get a fascinating look inside the mind of a top scientist by asking him to perform a simple task: clean a kitchen. And, to buy or to lease? We have some useful tips to help you arrive at the right decision when buying a car.

  • Jack faces off with an expert in a power-drill challenge. Cleaning up after grilling can be a chore, so he brushes up on his grill-cleaning techniques. Plus, we set out to decode television terminology.

  • Jack gets behind the wheel with a top car tester at the Consumer Reports test track, explores testing door locks for strength and protection, and shares tips for transforming your economy air travel experience into a journey fit for royalty.

  • Host Jack Rico shows you how to keep your cool when hydroplaning, how to organize your fridge to save money and waste less food, and how to stay safe using peer-to-peer payment apps.

  • Host Jack Rico is on a mission to rid microscopic pollutants from the air in your home, helps out in a laboratory that tests vacuum cleaners and finds out whether it's worth trying to repair your smartphone screen yourself.

  • Host Jack Rico delves into the fascinating technology behind the cars of the future, participates in an unusual challenge involving a kitchen appliance and goes shopping with the help of a top scientist.

  • Host Jack Rico demonstrates how to choose the right bike helmet and how to protect your wireless router from hackers; a teen driver gets a lesson from a top expert.

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