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  • 2008
  • 1 Season

The Craft is a series that shows in detail the best designs for the year. It will display the best boating designs, the best foods prepared, and the best talents displayed for sporting events. Each week the host will walk you through a different talent displayed by a regular person or company.

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Nicolas Cage
13. Nicolas Cage
October 16, 2009
An MGM HD original short focused on the range of Nicolas Cage. This MGM HD original short includes rare behind the scenes photography of the actor.
Reese Witherspoon
12. Reese Witherspoon
August 1, 2009
See how 14 -year-old Reese Witherspoon turned an audition to be an extra into a career as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood
Robert DeNiro
11. Robert DeNiro
June 12, 2009
Find out about Robert DeNiro's exhaustive preparations for his roles and how this difficult work translates into landmark performances. This MGM HD original short includes rare photos of the actor at work.
Susan Sarandon
10. Susan Sarandon
May 16, 2009
See how the self-taught actor's instincts about character and story translate into her performances.
Meryl Streep
9. Meryl Streep
March 31, 2009
The range of Meryl Streep, from comedy to drama; this MGM HD original short examines the diversity of her performances.
Jodie Foster
8. Jodie Foster
February 21, 2009
From a young acting prodigy to an Academy Award®-winning actress for The Silence of the Lambs and on to accomplished director, this MGM HD original short follows the career path of Jodie Foster.
Sean Penn
7. Sean Penn
January 30, 2009
An MGM HD original short focused on Sean Penn's unwavering commitment to his characters.
Jeff Bridges
6. Jeff Bridges
December 4, 2008
See how the self-taught, naturalistic actor taps into his own imagination to create some of the freshest characters on film.
Sir Anthony Hopkins
5. Sir Anthony Hopkins
November 20, 2008
Find out about the actor's renowned preparation that brought Hannibal Lecter and other great characters to life.
Gene Hackman
3. Gene Hackman
October 6, 2008
See the methods Gene Hackman used to create some of his most legendary performances.
Sidney Poitier
2. Sidney Poitier
August 18, 2008
See how Sidney Poitier's sheer talent broke new ground in Hollywood and made him one of the greatest movie stars in the world.
Marlon Brando
1. Marlon Brando
April 24, 2008
An MGM HD original short looking at Marlon Brando's celebrated performances and what makes his work the touchstone for Method Acting.
  • Premiere Date
    April 24, 2008