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Hearts Afire is a romantic comedy television series. It features the main character who is a man working as an aide for a U. S. Senator. This man leads a complex life. He is part of a high powered, public work place. His wife's father is a former convict who has been released. He must balance his work and home life and one is affecting the other.

The focus of this romantic comedy is on the man who must walk the tight line between his family and his job. He must deal with his public image while dealing with his private life.

1 Season, 54 Episodes
September 14, 1992
Cast: John Ritter, Markie Post, Billy Bob Thornton, Clark Duke
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Hearts Afire Full Episode Guide

  • When the local library is closed due to budget cuts, Georgie stages a sit-in to keep it open.

  • On a getaway to New York City, John gets ignored and insulted when Georgie's friends take over the weekend.

  • When close working and living conditions begin to take their toll, the group agrees to weekly therapy...

  • When John's ex-wife visits, Georgie encourages John to bury the hatchet. But two wives prove to be more than enough for John?

  • Billy Bob's discomfort around overfriendly new receptionist Lu proves to be well-founded when her spots her on the TV show America's Most Wanted.

  • Georgie's quest for the perfect Christmas tree lands John in the hospital on Christmas Eve.

  • When John and Georgie square off about condom distribution in high school, John goes from principal's pet to student body hero after a bizarre traffic accident.

  • When Elliot is ridiculed for taking ballet lessons, John dons a leotard himself and plays a tree in Elliot's...

  • Georgie dons a fat suit to go undercover in researching an article about discrimination against fat people.

  • When Madeline decided to have a baby, she puts an ad for a sperm donor in the newspaper and enlists the help...

  • When the boys start talking trash about the girls, Georgie's all-girl soccer team challenges the boys' team to battle it out on the field.

  • When Georgie throws a big surprise party for John against his wishes, it turns out to be a huge disaster and...

  • Brenda Swain has the hots for Lonnie, who reveals to his friends that he's a virgin and is uncertain how to proceed, reaping lots of conflicting advice.

  • The hilarious combination of John Ritter, Night Courts Markie Post and Billy Bob Thornton fuels this warm and witty television series about the ups and downs of small-town life from the creator of Designing Women! John and Georgie Anne Hartman (Ritter and Post) keep the sparks burning at home and at work as they run the local newspaper with the help of John's best friend, Billy Bob, cynical advice columnist Madeline (Conchata Ferrell, Two and a Half Men) and neurotic printer Lonnie (Leslie Jordan, Will & Grace). In this episode, after Georgie gives birth to Amelia Rose, the baby's big ears convince John that his daughter was switched with a circus family newborn.

  • Georgie and John pretend they aren't married so they can vacation in a Miami singles-only time-share condo...

  • With their house invaded by guests, John and Georgie attempt to find some privacy, but instead are caught...

  • Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh arrives in town on a book tour.

  • Longtime liberal Georgie writes a scathing letter to conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Then they meet?

  • After being hit by a car, Lonnie takes advantage of Madeline and Billy Bob's guilt.

  • After being hit by a car, Lonnie takes advantage of Madeline and Billy Bob's guilt.

  • A camping trip goes haywire when the girl's raid the boys' camp, tie Lonnie to a tree and steal the van.

  • Georgie and Madeline devise ways to embarrass Madeline's ex, and John suffers a bout of jealousy over Georgie's past. Meanwhile, the kids put on a play satirizing the adult's behavior.

  • Billy Bob is shocked to find out how different the dating world is. He turns to John's oldest son for advice.

  • An insurance company mix-up leads John to think he's seriously ill, prompting him to reveal some things he's done to his friends in the past.

  • Lonnie convinced the gang to with him to a cowboy bar where mayhem soon ensues.

  • Lonnie convinced the gang to with him to a cowboy bar where mayhem soon ensues.

  • The gang hires a bombshell receptionist and Lonnie, the "printer from hell." Madeline offers to write a...

  • Based on John and Billy Bob's high school reputations, the gang gets fired from the cafeteria. Then help...

  • Desperate for cash to get their newspaper off the ground, the gang goes to work at the high school cafeteria...

  • Desperate for cash to get their newspaper off the ground, the gang goes to work at the high school cafeteria and asks for a loan from an obnoxious, now wealthy former classmate.

  • Georgie, John, Billy Bob and the kids leave D.C. to run a newspaper in the small town where the guys grew up. When things start going wrong, everybody confides in Madeline, a depressed psychologist.

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