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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

**Introduction** SweatFlix is an online platform that provides subscribers with a wide range of workout videos, catering to different fitness levels and preferences. One of its most popular shows is HIITBody, a high-intensity interval training program that promises to help viewers achieve peak fitness by incorporating short bursts of intense exercises into their workout routines.


HIITBody is a workout program that combines high-intensity interval training with resistance training to help viewers achieve maximum fitness in the shortest amount of time. The show is hosted by a team of experienced trainers who guide viewers through each workout, providing clear instructions and demonstrations.

Each episode of HIITBody consists of a 30 to a 45-minute workout that is divided into different intervals. During these intervals, viewers are required to perform a variety of exercises, such as sprinting, jumping, and lunging, for a set amount of time. In between each interval, there is a brief rest period that allows viewers to catch their breath and prepare for the next round.

The exercises demonstrated on HIITBody are designed to target every major muscle group in the body, with a focus on building strength and endurance. Viewers can expect to improve their cardiovascular fitness, increase their muscle mass, and burn a significant amount of calories in each workout.


HIITBody is designed to be accessible to viewers of all fitness levels, with modifications available for those who are new to exercise or who have physical limitations. Each workout starts with a warm-up that prepares the body for the intense exercise to come.

The main part of the workout consists of several rounds of high-intensity intervals, each lasting for a set amount of time. The intervals are designed to push viewers to their limits, with the aim of increasing the heart rate and burning as many calories as possible.

In between each interval, there is a brief rest period that allows viewers to catch their breath and recover. The trainers demonstrate modifications for each exercise, making it easy for viewers to adjust the workout to their fitness level and avoid injury.

The workout ends with a cool-down period that allows the body to return to its resting state. During this period, the trainers guide viewers through stretches that help to lengthen and relax the muscles, reducing the risk of injury and promoting recovery.


HIITBody offers numerous benefits for viewers who want to improve their fitness levels. One of the most significant benefits of the program is that it requires only a short amount of time to complete each workout, making it ideal for busy individuals who don't have hours to spend in the gym.

The high-intensity intervals in each workout help to increase the heart rate, burn calories and work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making it a highly efficient way to achieve maximum fitness in a short amount of time. The program also promotes the development of endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle strength.

HIITBody can also help to improve mental health by reducing stress levels and releasing endorphins that promote a feeling of well-being. By incorporating regular exercise into their routine, viewers can benefit from improved mood, increased energy levels, and better sleep quality.


HIITBody is a highly effective workout program that combines high-intensity interval training with resistance training to help viewers achieve their fitness goals in a short amount of time. With expert guidance from experienced trainers and modifications available for all fitness levels, it's an accessible and effective way to build endurance, promote cardiovascular fitness, and build muscle strength.

HiitBody is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 2015.

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HiitBody #13 | WOW Ass Workout
13. HiitBody #13 | WOW Ass Workout
September 1, 2015
Sean's going to make you SWEAT while you blast your lower half. It's 8 exercises, give it your all and push to the last beep!
HiitBody #12 | Better Sex Workout
12. HiitBody #12 | Better Sex Workout
September 1, 2015
Lisa's got 6 exercises for you today that will leave your glutes and abs screaming! 30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 5 times through! Push, push, push!
HiitBody #11 | Boy, Oh Boy
11. HiitBody #11 | Boy, Oh Boy
September 1, 2015
Sean is taking the reigns in today's body weight workout. Go as quickly as you can, push as hard as you can. 3 rounds, you can do it!
HiitBody #10 | Free Trainer 3.0 Workout
10. HiitBody #10 | Free Trainer 3.0 Workout
September 1, 2015
Get ready to elevate your heart rate and burn some major calories. Today, we've got Ninja Tuck Jumps, Half Burpee Press-Ups, 10 Knee Drops, and Dive Bomber Burpees!
HiitBody #9 | Sexify Your Body
9. HiitBody #9 | Sexify Your Body
September 1, 2015
We're working the whole body today! If you aren't completely wiped at the end of this workout, you aren't pushing hard enough!
HiitBody #8 | Fat Suck Off
8. HiitBody #8 | Fat Suck Off
September 1, 2015
Push your limits and go all out. Today we challenge your limits. Get your whole body involved and prepare to sweat!
HiitBody #7 | Lust On Me
7. HiitBody #7 | Lust On Me
September 1, 2015
Today's workout is short but intense. There are only 3 exercises but we are aiming for 5 rounds! Grab some weight and let's get started!
HiitBody #5 | Ho Hey
5. HiitBody #5 | Ho Hey
September 1, 2015
Time for a full body workout! Don't forget to engage those abs and maintain your form! Dig deep and keep pushing!
HiitBody #4 | Rock Hard
4. HiitBody #4 | Rock Hard
September 1, 2015
Today's workout focuses on balance, stability, and abs! 4 moves, 3 rounds! You can do it!
HiitBody #3 | Fit Test
3. HiitBody #3 | Fit Test
September 1, 2015
Today's fit test will help you track your progress! Set your timers for 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. Do as many reps as possible for each of these exercises and record your scores. Test again in 30 days to see your progress! Do Squat Jumps, Push Ups, Burpees, High Knees, Switch Lunges, Tuck Jumps,Tricep Dips, Surfboards, 1/2 Burpee and Monkey, Switch Jumps, Side Jumps, and Frog Jumps
HiitBody #2 | My Booty Rocks
2. HiitBody #2 | My Booty Rocks
September 1, 2015
Today, our main focus is on the lower body with a heavy dose of cardio! We're going to skip 100 times between each of the following exercises: Do 60 Burpee Calf Raise, One Leg Push-Ups. L & R - 60 Total, Switch Lunges - Total 60, Squat & Kick - Total 60, Squat Jump & Dip - 60 Total, V Abs L & Right - 60 Each Side, Mountain Climbers - 60 Total, Touch Toes L & R - 60 Total!
HiitBody #1 | Make It Hot
1. HiitBody #1 | Make It Hot
September 1, 2015
Get things started off on the right note with this upper body workout! Arms, shoulders, chest, and back, we're going to work it all! Let's go!
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HiitBody is available for streaming on the SweatFlix website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch HiitBody on demand at Amazon Prime.
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    September 1, 2015