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In a post-apocalyptic world humanity has chosen the final frontier as its new home. Due to a strange phenomenon, human beings are not able to travel to outer space, causing everyone to head back to Earth, where the only inhabitable region is Japan. Accommodating all of civilization in this small amount of space is nearly impossible so pocket dimensions are created around Japan to house the existing population.

Humans want to return to space, to do this they begin reenacting human history according to the Holy book Testament. Japan gets conquered by these pocket nations leaving the inhabitants of Japan to leave. The Japanese residents are flying around on a ship known as the Musashi, war has broken out in Japan and there is a chance for them to take back their homeland. It

Anime Network
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
October 4, 2011
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Daisuke Ono
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Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Full Episode Guide

  • Horizon, with the help of Tori, shows the Catholic Church and K.P.A Italia, the power of Lype Katarripsi. Afterwards, they are greeted with the arrival of a new set of problems.

  • Tori finally got his chance to confess to Horizon to only get shot down. Now he has to convince Horizon, his parallel, that he is strong enough for the both of them.

  • The battle continues with the Testament Union gaining the upper hand. Individual battles rage on and each lost breaks Musashi's moral. Now Tori Aoi will show the Testament Union his �Impossible.�

  • Two writers clash over Shakespeare work as the students work together for Tenzo to make it to his date.

  • Even though Musashi agreed to be a mercenary for England in the upcoming war, plans are derailed by a letter of resignation from Tenzo Clothunit.

  • With all the acronymed groups butting in, Musashi is forced to think quick before the newcomer brings their house of cards crashing in. If accepted, the new plan will offer them a chance to see behind the curtain and into the apocalypse.

  • An emergency student council is called at Ariadust academy, as the students try to decide what to do next. If they're going to try and save Horizon, that means disobeying the Holy Union, and the possibility of all-out war. Thre of the students play Devils advocate and take up the side of the Testament Union, seeking proof that they're strong enough to fit them. Will they give into the Holy Union, or go to rescue Horizon? The battle begins to decide the fate of Musashi and of the entire Far East.

  • The fights are coming to an end and their a few members of Musashi are missing. To make thing worse, Bloody Double Mary has decided to make her appearance.

  • The source of the light turns out to be the georeactor going out of control. As Mikawa is about to be annihilated Motonobu begins to speak about his goals and the true nature of the Armor of Deadly Sins. The world spins out of control as it faces the end of history...

  • Musashi prepares for the upcoming school event as Tres Espa'a makes their appearance.

  • Musashi 's Shirojiro Bertoni is negotiating with England's Charles Howard over the upcoming joint school event; A vicious back and forth between two skilled treasurers as the residents watch.

  • With the cargo ship crashed into England soil, the fighting has been put on hold until a treaty can be reached.

  • Tori is still naked and the battle continues with the battle against the Tres Espana and Europe!

  • Nate and Naomasa rescue Tori, but things take a turn for the worse when Innocentius uses Staseis Porneia. Tori uses his Impossible powers to help pull his men out of a bind. Meanwhile, Futayo is out getting her rematch with Muneshige.

  • Adele puts her fathers old mechanic shell to good use, serving as a shield for her fellow students as they charge through enemy fire. Naruse and Margot have an aerial battle with one of Tres Espaas Gods of War.

  • Kimi fights and defeats Futayo before convincing her to side with the group wanting to save Horizon. King Yoshinao promotes Tori and Horizon to viceroys before Tori and his friends run off to save Horizon.

  • Masazumi must debate with Tori on why Musashi should rescue Horizon. The debate goes so well that the Pope President intervenes and personally begins debating with Masazumi.

  • Musashi is caught in the middle of dirty politics, with the Testament Union trying to take the upper hand. After carefully reviewing their current situation, Tori and his classmates decide what their first course of action should be.

  • Muneshige fights valiantly to prevent the reactors from going critical, but to no avail. Lord Motonobu announces that the only way to stop the apocalypse is to gather all nine Armors of Deadly Sins, one of which is located inside of P-01s.

  • Tori and his friends are busy preparing for his big day, each in their own way. Meanwhile, Masazumi is investigating the history behind Remorse Way.

  • This episode focuses on April 20th through the eyes of Masazumi Honda. Despite a difficult past and a despairing outlook on the future, he desperately wants to become a good politician who understands the people.

  • Oriotorai has instructed her students to try and hit her during P.E. No ones even coming close until Tori shows up and baffles her so badly that he manages to sneak in a grope attack. He then announces his plans to ask Horizon out.

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