I Summon You, Gold!

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I Summon You, Gold is a sitcom made in Korea. While one might be expecting wizards and dragons, one really get a very western Korean family enmeshed in family problems that we all can relate to in some way. The sitcom involves the day to day activities of a Korean family involved in commercial activities. Their middle class commercial ethics are the foundation of the sitcom. The star is Jung Mong Hee who has plans of becoming a designer of fashion jewelry. Her plans are being stalled by the fact that she still has to earn a living until she can get the lucky break she needs to realize her dream of becoming a designer. Jung Mong Hee has a husband named Park Hyun Soo who coincidentally owns a jewelry company. Jung Mong Hee is not designing jewelry for her husband's company, she is selling accessories at a stand. That provides the writers with the conflict needed in developing the characters. The story is about a family that sells jewelry. The older brother is married to the lead character while the younger brother is married to a jewelry designer. Jung Mong Hee's sister-in-law is designing jewelry for her husband's jewelry business. The business is, actually, a family affair. The two sister-in-law's are involved in sister-in-law rivalry which contributes to the plot and to the extention of future plots in the mini-series. The characters are all engaging, handsome and very appealing to their audience. Getting Jung Mong Hee an opportunity to realize her ambition gives the writer's the background situation needed to add future parts. The sitcom builds on previous stories and one can become involved in the series as if watching a real family as they progress in their daily living. The characters are very true to life in their reactions in portraying these characters whose core of motivation is rivalry. The rivalry between sister-in-laws is very strategic in the development of plot and character.

Saturday & Sunday 8:40 PM et/pt on MBC America
1 Season, 50 Episodes
April 6, 2013
Cast: Ji-hye Han
I Summon You, Gold!

I Summon You, Gold! Full Episode Guide

  • The Jung and Park household both start to settle down and each person moves into each others places accordingly to each person's liking.

  • Hyunsu takes over as the President of his father's jewelry business.

  • Hyun-Joon leaves the hospital and the family structure of the Park households begins to change.

  • Hyun-Joon gets admitted to the hospital putting tremendous guilt upon his mother.

  • Hyunsoo reveals to his family that his stepmother made up a lie in order to kick out his biological mother out of the house.

  • Hyunsoo's biological mother insists on staying out of his life and parts ways with her son.

  • Young Ae went to see Jin Sook and said, "Jang Duk Hee is evil. Even my son was ill-treated, he grew up into a nuisance.

  • At last, Hyun-Soo finally finds his long lost birth mother.

  • Hyun-Soo returns and surprises everyone with a major appearance and personality change.

  • Monghyun's pregnancy comes as a pleasant surprise to both families

  • Monghee's mother reveals that she has a long lost twin sister married to Hyunsu.

  • Yoona meets Monghee and tries to clear things up between her and her husband.

  • Hyun-Tae finally moves back into the Jung household.

  • Hyun-Tae is separated from Mong-Hyung and forced to move back home.

  • Yoona returns home and starts creating chaos for Hyun-Soo's situation.

  • Park Hyun Joon told Jung Mong Hee that she was arrogant. After kicking Sung Eun out of the house, Hyun Joon said to the design team, "Don't worry guys. I'll be scouting a new design team leader."

  • Park Hyun Soo decided to get divorced with Yoo Na for Jung Mong Hee. Jang Duk Hee suggested a deal to Park Hyun Soo.

  • The Park family tries to persuade Hyun-Tae to return home.

  • Hyun-Tae moves out into Mong-Hyun's household and starts enjoying a humble and content life.

  • Mong-Hyun and Hyun-Tae go on their honeymoon.

  • Mong-Hee's mother has a problem with her daughter working with her at the same company and tells her to quit the company.

  • Mong Hyun tells her family that she is divorcing Hyuntae for a bribe of $2 million dollars.

  • Sung Eun starts looking into her missing child and starts to sympathize missing her.

  • Mong-Hee starts working at Hyun-Soo's jewelery company where she runs into her rival Sung Eun.

  • Mong-Hyung and Hyun-Tae keep on having relationship issues because of Hyun-Tae's girlfriend. The two families finally decide to do something about this problem.

  • Mong-Hyun learns that Hyun-Tae's ex-girlfriend is the daughter of an exceedingly successful company in Korea.

  • Hyun Soo comes to find out that Mong Hee was Soo Kyung's past rival and is the reason to why she can't succeed.

  • Sung Eun discovers that Mong-Hee and Yoo-na are the same person.

  • Mong-Hyung's father tries to get his daughter to divorce her playboy husband Hyun-Tae. Mong-hee runs into her long lost "twin" Yoo-Na.

  • Monghee moves back into her parents home. Monghee moves back into her parents home and separates from Hyunsoo.

  • Monghee's mother talks to Hyun-Soo about him and her daughter living together as a "business relationship".

  • Monghee's mother asks Monghee to stop living a double life.

  • Monghee is so exhausted living a double life that her mind starts to blank when thinking of new jewelery designs. At the same time her family at home is in turmoil because of the in laws moving in.

  • Tensions are on the rise as Monghee challenges Seongeun as a designer. The three brothers and their wives go on a rare family camping trip.

  • Monghee strongarms Seongeun into stepping in for Hyuntae. Hyunjun continues to butt heads with his father.

  • Hyun-Soo's father allows Hyun-Tae to work for the family jewel business which pushes Hyun-Joon to the limit.

  • Yong-Woo's mother attempts to get comfortable living in her son's house, Baek Jin-Hee is still in the middle of a disaster between her two mother-in-laws.

  • Yoo-Na officially moves in with Hyun-Soo. Since they officially live together, they start to visit Hyun-Soo's parents more often.

  • Yoo-Na decides to move in with Hyun-Soo after their "fake marriage" starts to bother Hyun-Soo's mother.

  • The Grandparents in the Jung household announce their divorce causing chaos within the Jung family.

  • Mong-Hyun moves into the Park household and starts getting accustomed to living with her high class family.

  • Hyun-Tae and Mong-Hyun get accepted into each others' families and get married.

  • Hyun-Tae and Mong-Hyun get engaged and sets their wedding date.

  • Arrangements for the engagement start, however a feud between the family interrupts the plans.

  • Mong Hyung's mother tries to ease the family tensions between the two "engaged" families. Hyun Tae's mother still strongly opposes her only child's marriage while his adopted family members are all for it.

  • Yoo-Na attends Hyun-Soo's grandmothers funeral pretending to be his ex-wife.

  • Hyun-Soo asks the street merchant Yoo-Na to come visit his grandmother in the hospital because she resembles his ex-wife.

  • Jung Yoo-Na and Park Hyun-Soo coincidentally meet after an unfortunate event however they start to run into each other more after it.

  • This drama follows the life of a striving street merchant named Jung Yoo-Na and the life of a wealthy businessman named Park Hyun-Soo.

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