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Journey with Dylan Dreyer: Led by NBC News meteorologist and "TODAY" contributor Dylan Dreyer, "Journey with Dylan Dreyer" is a wondrous celebration of nature. Breathtaking cinematography will bring viewers up-close and personal with animals, from the black bears of Montana to polar bears in the Arctic. The audience will have a unique platform to see animals in their natural habitat, including exploring the extraordinary migration of 1.5 million animals traveling over 500 miles across the Serengeti in Tanzania and Kenya.

1 Season, 52 Episodes
October 8, 2016
Cast: Dylan Dreyer
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Journey with Dylan Dreyer Full Episode Guide

  • Cave bats in the jungles of Thailand; schools of salmon in the rivers of Alaska; a pack of wolves in the wilderness of Canada; alligators in the swamps of Georgia.

  • Dylan Dreyer journeys across the globe to experience its natural wonders, from the ancient Galapagos Islands to remote islands off the coast of Mexico, and exploring the wildlands of Western Europe.

  • Dylan Dreyer adventures to the edge of the Arctic Circle to explore the bubbling, changing and growing landscapes of Iceland, including its famous hot springs, while discovering the challenges that threaten this ancient island nation.

  • Host Dylan Dreyer tours India's Kaziranga National Park, located in the shadows of the Himalayan Mountains, trekking deep into the pristine wilderness to find some of the most endangered mammals on Earth, including elephants, rhinoceroses and tigers.

  • Dylan Dreyer takes a look at some of the most successful animals on Earth, from massive bat colonies in the jungles of Thailand to underground ant cities in the western United States and communities of playful sea lions off the coast of California.

  • Dylan Dreyer explores one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Germany, Cologne, to uncover the people, culture and history that make this region so special and witness the amazing wildlife that calls this urban jungle home.

  • Dylan Dreyer tours one of the most ecologically diverse wetland habitats on Earth, the Okefenokee Swamp of southern Georgia, coming face-to-face with the American alligator, witnessing the regenerative power of fire, and discovering plants that bite.

  • Dylan Dreyer tours northern Spain, over treacherous cliffs and majestic mountains, through ancient cities and rich culture, on an adventure where surprises wait around every corner and history reveals itself like never before.

  • Host Dylan Dreyer explores the fearless and fearsome fire ant to discover the amazing ways these tireless creatures survived over the eons, and she meets the scientists hoping to unlock their secrets.

  • Dylan Dreyer makes an epic journey to Thailand's Khao Sok National Park, where she teams up with southern Thailand's head biologist as he protects endangered elephants and explores an intricate system of caves while looking for new bat species.

  • Dylan Dreyer takes a deep dive into the greatest ocean on Earth, revealing the secrets that swim beneath its waves and discovering how the Pacific Ocean powers the climates of the world and affects every living thing on Earth.

  • Dylan Dreyer takes a breathtaking tour of Europe's most surprising waterway, the Wupper River, following its history from medieval times to the present day, and discovering the many ways wildlife has adapted and thrived through the centuries.

  • Host Dylan Dreyer travels through the vast Mississippi River Delta, from the Gulf of Mexico to the famous city of New Orleans, up the banks of plantations, past enchanted swamplands full of alligators, and finally into cattle country.

  • Host Dylan Dreyer explores some of the most intense and diverse environments on planet Earth, including the jungles of Southeast Asia, the deserts of Saudi Arabia, the mountain peaks of Africa and the frozen tundras of northern Sweden.

  • Host Dylan Dreyer journeys to the most active volcanoes of Alaska to explore a population of salmon unlike any other on Earth. Scientists have only just begun to piece together what might have happened nearly 2,000 years ago.

  • Join host Dylan Dreyer on an adventure to the Roof of Africa. We'll follow a band of trekkers to Africa's highest point. Our mountaineers climb through rainforests and arctic glaciers while learning about the formation of the African continent.

  • Join host Dylan Dreyer on an adventure deep into the rainforests of Southeast Asia to follow the life cycles of some of our planet's insect species. We'll meet mantises, beetles, butterflies and more, and watch them navigate their tiny worlds.

  • Join host Dylan Dreyer on an exciting journey into the wilderness of Alaska to meet a new family of black bears. Then, we'll explore the ecosystem of the Great Lakes and visit Yellowstone National Park.

  • Host Dylan Dreyer reveals the far north as you've never experienced it before. We'll hear the stories and music of the Inuit and the Sami, who live on the roof of the world in Canada and Sweden, and we'll come face-to-face with reindeer.

  • Birds, hermit crabs, flying foxes and butterflies deal with eruptions on the volcanic island of New Britain off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

  • Explore the spectacular beauty, geothermal activity and unique wildlife of the Yellowstone ecosystem with host Dylan Dreyer. We'll travel back in time to meet the first people who lived in Yellowstone and take a trip with the historic Hunt party.

  • Join host Dylan Dreyer for a journey into the heart, history, culture and religion of the Arabian Peninsula. We'll explore the ancient traditions and unique customs found nowhere else in the world.

  • Join host Dylan Dreyer for an up-close look at the remarkable story of one of the world's most tenacious animals and our closest fellow predator: the wolf. We'll also learn how management and conservation protect this important and majestic creature.

  • Join host Dylan Dreyer on an epic journey that captures the beauty and importance of North America's Great Lakes, the greatest fresh water system in the world - and the secrets of the giant sturgeon that have lived there since the beginning of history.

  • Dylan Dreyer goes on a wild adventure with grizzly bears. From black bears in Montana, to polar bears in the arctic, witness a fresh view of these powerful, majestic, and often misunderstood animals in the full glory of their natural habitat.

  • Host Dylan Dreyer follows Dr. Fred Urquhart over his 40-year career as he works to discover the secrets of monarch butterflies - and reveals the most incredible animal migration on Earth.

  • Dylan tours the west coast of North America, exploring the wild landscape of southern Utah, the breathtaking ocean coastline of Mexico and the stunning beauty of Alaska.

  • Dylan ventures to the Land Down Under, which is home to some of the most unique species on the planet.

  • Dylan ventures through the breathtaking Canadian Rockies and relives the creation of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

  • Dylan takes a journey through one of the wild jewels of the American West: Zion National Park.

  • Dylan tours South Africa's Wild Coast to discover one of the last great ocean wildernesses and witness the amazing animals drawn here from around the globe.

  • Dylan tours the Golden State, from its gorgeous coastline to its towering mountains.

  • Dylan reviews some of the most unique scientific discoveries of the last half-century, from satellite technology to climate science and more.

  • Dylan explores coral reefs around the globe, learning about animals that depend on them to survive.

  • Dylan explores the tropical rainforests of the world, including amazing creatures, conservation scientists and the world's tallest trees.

  • Come with host Dylan Dreyer on a tour of some of the most original, fascinating, and remarkable civilizations on planet Earth.

  • Come with host Dylan Dreyer on a trip to the coastline of Baja California to watch the incredible power of nature and the amazing wildlife fighting for survival in a harsh land.

  • Come with host Dylan Dreyer as she experiences the ultimate rush of Skydiving!

  • Come with host Dylan Dreyer to the end of the earth as she examines the frozen, forgotten continent of Antarctica.

  • Dylan learns about the growing junkyard orbiting our planet, which presents a threat to space travel and satellite communication.

  • Dylan explores the breathtaking beauty of the Arctic and meets up with scientists working to better understand climate change.

  • Dylan travels around the world to observe a variety of amazing species in action, from Africa to Alaska to Australia.

  • Dylan joins a team of scientists, photographers and thrill seekers as they attempt to navigate the entire length of the Nile River.

  • Dylan embarks on an adventure over two miles below the waves, aboard a deep-sea submarine - all in search of ancient species and mysterious fossils.

  • Dylan ventures to the heart of Africa for a spectacle few humans have ever seen. We'll witness the great herds of Africa as they travel more than 500 miles across the Serengeti plains.

  • Dylan explores Australia, comes face-to-face with an amazing collection of animals found nowhere else on Earth and learns about the challenges facing the continent's unique ecosystem.

  • Dylan ventures to a French Polynesian paradise on a quest for the perfect wave-riding experience, visiting astounding coral reefs and enjoying a world-famous surf site.

  • Dylan explores the most stunning and breathtaking locations on Earth, including Greenland, Madagascar, Namib, Okavango, Tibet, Iguazu and the Amazon, recreating the geographic history of our planet.

  • Follow monarch butterflies on an epic journey across North America, fly high with Canada geese heading south for the winter, join humpback whales along the California coast and watch a million red crabs march from the forest to the sea.

  • Dylan explores the Amazon's rich animal life and meets the people who have survived in the brutal surrounding lands since the dawn of history, including medicine men who work deep within the jungle.

  • Dylan leads an epic exploration back through time to the world of ancient Egypt, where we'll discover ancient Egyptian life, beliefs and traditions - including the secrets of mummification.

  • Dylan journeys through the ultimate story of survival, where life triumphs season after season in the breathtaking Alaskan frontier. We'll witness unspoiled landscapes and the raw power of nature as animals and people fight to survive.

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