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Legends of Chima is an American CGI series from 2013, based off the same-named LEGO media franchise with John Derevlany's writing, Lee Stringer's direction, and Anthony Liedo's composition. Currently, Legends of Chima has only produced a single season. The world of Chima revolves around a variety of anthropomorphic tribes who battle to either conquer or protect the mystical essence known as Chi, held under guard by the righteous Lion tribe of Mount Cavora.

Main character and Lion tribe prince, Laval, defends the Lion clan's reservoir of mystical Chi against his former friend and Crocodile tribe prince, Cragger, who plans on once again experiencing the rush that Chi gives after having stolen a feel of it. Laval's quest is aided by not only his Lion tribe servants, but also Eris of the Eagle tribe, Gorzan of the Gorilla tribe, the lazy Bladvic of the Bear tribe, Rogon of the Rhino tribe, Furty of the Fox tribe, and Skinnet of the Skunk tribe. Cragger's selfish plans are aided by the promise of allowing his comrades a taste of Chi. These comrades include Cragger's parents, Queen Crunket and King Crominus; Worriz, the leader of the Wolf tribe; and Razar of the neutral mercenary Raven tribe.

In addition to the defenders and aggressors within the battle for Chi, a third faction exists in the form of Legend Beasts. Legend Beasts are normal beings of Chima who gained supernatural abilities from a method other than using the pool of Mt. Cavora's Chi and prophesied to return when their help is most needed. As befits such a prophecy, they have not been frequent in appearance; with the only Legend Beast to appear being the Lion Legend who lends his powers to aid a drowning Laval, turning the tide of Chi battles against the Wolves, Crocodiles, and Ravens to Laval's favor.

Legends of Chima is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (41 episodes). The series first aired on January 16, 2013.

Where do I stream Legends of Chima online? Legends of Chima is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Legends of Chima on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

Wednesday 7:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 41 Episodes
January 16, 2013
Action & Adventure
Cast: David Attar, Bethany Brown, Bill Courage, Scott Shantz
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Legends of Chima Full Episode Guide

  • It is CHIMA's coldest hour. The Hunters have launched their final attack on the Lion City and Mount Cavora. The Tribes, aided by the Phoenix, fight bravely, but all hope rests on uncovering the rest of the eight ancient Fire Wings.

  • CHIMAs is frozen over ... The map to the eight Fire Wings has been destroyed ... Sir Fangar and the Hunters march on the Lion City and Mount Cavora. All hope seems lost. The heroes are desperate and venture into the savage Outlands, hoping to find a spark of hope. Time is running out. But if the heroes can discover the locations of the fabled, powerful Fire Wings before the Hunters reach Mount Cavora, they may still stand a chance. But in order to do so, they must learn to think like Phoenix.

  • Laval tries to mount a rescue to save the Kings and Li'Ella but accidentally Flinx thaws out Sir Fangars trophy room and they end up having to fight both the Hunters, Scorpions, Spiders and Bats. Sir Fangar gets a first-hand look at Flinx's power and is more intent than ever to capture the boy.

  • When the Ice Clan attacks, they're more than a match for Chima, who must retreat just to thaw out their defeated warriors.

  • Laval and Li'Ella's relationship grows and as he gives her a tour of the Lion City. But distracted, he misses a key battle against the Hunters. Tormak joins the fight and saves the day. But the Lion King King Lagravis is captured and brought to the Ice Fort. Who will lead the Lions now?!?

  • When the Tribes of Chima, armed with ample Fire CHI, launch a furious counter-assault against the Hunters, Fangar and his cohorts d isappear underground. They now use an ancient tunnel system under CHIMA to move about. Sir Fangar becomes obsessed with catching th e Phoenix boy Flinx, the child of his arch-enemy King Fluminox. But Flinx has a few tricks up his sleeve.

  • "Our heroes continue pushing back the Hunters with their Fire CHI powered vehicles, but when they search the sites of the Hunters' attacks, they can't find any of the defeated animals... What has happened to them?All over CHIMA animals disappear without a trace ... Sir Fangar has changed his strategy."

  • The Hunters continue their relentless attacks on CHIMA. The Phoenix leader Fluminox tries to recruit Eris to join the Phoenix but is less enthusiastic about non-birds like Laval and Cragger. Laval and Cragger must to prove themselves worthy of the Fire CHI in a "t rial by fire" - Literally!

  • Led by the Saber Tooth Tiger Sir Fangar, the Hunters advance, and spread their crushing ice across CHIMA. In a battle of the Crocodile Swamp, the animal Tribes fight back but learn that their weapons are powerless against this new enemy.

  • After the battles in the Outlands, all is well in CHIMA. But Eris is having disturbing dreams of fire ... what to does it mean? In a deep dark cave, ancient Tribes of fierce Hunters awaken after thousands of years of dreamless sleep. They march to the surface ... their goal is simple: To conquer all of the CHI.

  • In the Scorpion Cave, Laval has been separated from his friends and must overcome his greatest fear to rescue the Lion Legend Beast himself ... or will it rescue him? Meanwhile his friends battle the Scorpions, Bats and Spiders ... Tribes face their biggest challenge yet ... the fate of CHIMA will be decided today.

  • Worriz and Cragger go off on a mission of their own, but get captured by the Spiders. Now it is up the rest of the heroes to mount up the Legend Beasts and go on one last daring rescue mission. But Lavertus is reluctant to help when he learns that Cragger's father is also held captive.

  • The Scorpions and Spiders have set up a tricky trap, and the heroes must free the Legend Beast Eagle and the Bear in one daring effort. Hopefully Lavertus and his Helicopter are helping out. But the Scorpions and Spiders have new vehicles of their own ... Speedorz!

  • Things have started to go missing at the heroes' outpost. It turns out that The Legend Beast Raven have been stealing Golden CHI for a tribe of menacing Scorpions. Laval must convince the exiled Lion Lavertus to join them in their fight - by defeating him in a Speedor Race!

  • The heroes of CHIMA learn that the Gorilla and Rhino Legend Beasts are being help captive by a Tribe of creepy Spiders. They must come up with a clever plan to defeat this massive threat. But why is Rogon behaving so strangely?!?

  • While in the Outlands battling the carnivorous plants and the mysterious black cloud, the heroes of Chima meet an enigmatic ally.

  • With the Black Cloud still looming and the Lion Temple still under siege, Laval is the only one who believes in a peaceful ending in the first-season finale.

  • The CHI falls have run dry. Eris and the Beavers try to get to mount Cavora to learn why. The Crocodiles blame the Lions and are rallying the Wolves, Ravens and even Rhinos for a large scale attack to conquer the remaining CHI ... the greatest battle is imminent.

  • A strange Black cloud hovers around Mt. Cavora, source of the CHI. Laval and Eris investigate but the cloud seems to fight back. The tribes of CHIMA must all join in the fight against the cloud. But the worst is yet to come...

  • Laval's actions to establish peace talks force the Lion King Lagravis to exile his own son. Laval learns that Cragger has imprisoned his father in his absence. He must free him... but how can he do that when he has been exiled?

  • Laval and Cragger try to persuade the tribes to agree on a lasting peace in CHIMA. But Crooler emits a strange fog that makes everyone become very powerful and angry ... especially Cragger.

  • CHIMA is in a peaceful state once again. Laval and Cragger go on a joyful Speedor cruise. But the Ravens use the peace to move into Eagle territory. The Eagles try to get rid of them, but the Ravens refuse. It will be up to Eris to trick them to leave.

  • When Crooler loses control over Cragger, he reverts to his old self, and is actually happy and willing to help all animals of Chima - but as usual, Crooler has a trick up her sleeve and employs a Raven alchemist to produce fake CHI.

  • When Cragger and his Croc troops attempt to steal back some of the CHI the Wolves have stolen from the other tribes, they are captured and taken prisoner - but Laval is determined to help is old friend Cragger and attempts a daring rescue.

  • Tumultuous weathers hits Chima as a result of the imbalance caused by the misappropriation of CHI.

  • When the wolves start ambushing the other Tribes and steal their CHI, the balance of Chima starts to shift as all tribes - except for the wolves that grow increasingly powerful - begin to run out of CHI.

  • With the help of the Wolves, Crooler steals the Lions' share of CHI. She pays them by throwing the ancient "Pledge of the Pack" - a long lost document where the wolves pledge their allegiance to the crocs - into the Gorge of Eternal Depth but the mysterious Shadow Wind unexpectedly turns up and hands the document over to the lions.

  • When Cragger upsets the Gorilla tribe, the Gorilla Mechs march to the Crocodile Swamp.

  • When the CHI celebration races for the golden CHI are on again, everybody wants to win but a new mysterious racer called "Shadow Wind" emerges during the races - who is he?

  • The wolves run wild during the Hundred Year Moon; Crooler plots to trap Laval, Eris and Gorzan the Gorilla.

  • An attack on Eagle Spire is set in motion and could end up hurting many groups.

  • Laval and Eric go to a market at the Speedor races, but their plan is disrupted by Cragger.

  • While riding around in a tank, Laval and Eris uncover Cragger's plan to steal the Chi.

  • Cragger deceives Laval, which provokes renewed hostilities between the lions and crocodiles.

  • Cragger is depressed by his great responsibility as king. Crooler on the other hand sees the situation as an opportunity to make theCrocodiles the most powerful tribe in CHIMA.

  • In the series premiere, meet the animal warriors of the magical kingdom of Chima.