Living With the Wolfman

Living with the Wolfman is an eight part documentary series that has been featured on both the National Geographic and Animal Planet channels. This series highlights the wolf pack in the wild and one man's endeavors to prove that man and wolf can live side by side peacefully.

Shaun Ellis is a British animal researcher that has headed wolf-based projects in Poland, the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park. Continuing with his research, he became founder of Wolf Pack Management at Combe Martin Wildlife Park in North Devon.

In order to further his knowledge on the social hierarchy of the wolf, he lived in the wild at Combe Martin Wildlife Park with three abandoned wolf pups. Yana, Tamaska and Matsi educated Shaun on pack behavior while he was trying to educate them on becoming wild. After spending 18 months in the wild with the pack, the bond between Shaun and the pups became stronger.

Shaun then meets another animal activist, Helen Jeffs, and she shared the same passion for wolves as he did. As their relationship began to grow, Helen became intrigued with Shaun's lifestyle and the relationship he had developed with the pack. She decided to sacrifice living life as she knew it and try to become part of the pack.

This series follows along as Shaun tries to integrate his girlfriend into the wolf pack that he has been so close with. Even though she has volunteered with wolves for the past three years, many of her human habits and behaviors must be changed before she can even attempt to live with the wolves.

With Shaun's guidance, Helen learns how to change her diet and her daily hygiene habits so her scent does not disturb the wolf's keen sense of smell. She will attempt to growl, bark and bite her way into being a part of the pack with Shaun.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
1 Season, 8 Episodes
October 21, 2008
Cast: Kal Weber
Living With the Wolfman

Living With the Wolfman Full Episode Guide

  • A loss of a wolf has both the pack and Shaun grieving.

  • Shaun heads out to find them some food, while back at camp Helen is struggling both mentally and physically with her training of wolves.

  • Helen continues with her training by meeting the wolves while blindfolded.

  • Helen meets Yana, leader of the wolf pack. Later, Helen plans to buy waterproof pants so she can meet the whole pack. But concern is raised over the reaction the sound of the pants will have on the wolfs.

  • Helen and Yana, the leader of the wolf pack meet face to face. Meanwhile, Shaun is in need of a haircut.

  • Shaun and Helen head to the village carnival are asked to judge a children's talent contest. Also, Helen teaches the wolf pups to track down deer.

  • Helen learns the proper techniques for becoming a nanny for a Cheyenne's new born pups, including regurgitating food.

  • Helen drops a few of her human instincts in order to survive among the wolfs and then confronts her fear by meeting her first adult wolf.

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