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Mekakucity Actors focuses on the story of a young boy named Shintaro Kisaragi who hasn't left his room in more than two years. Within those two years, he has spent his life behind his computer. One day, he encounters a cybernetic girl from the internet named Ene, who lives inside of his computer. This shocks Shintaro and he is forced to go outside to buy a new computer.

Later on, he meets a young teenage gang called the "Blindfold Gang". They use their mysterious powers to fight crime and force Shintaro to join their gang.

Meanwhile, Shintaro's younger sister, Momo Kisaragi, who is a pop star discovers that she has the ability to attract other people to pay attention to her. Momo then meets the leader of the Blindfold Gang, who offers to allow her to join their gang. Momo decides to join the gang and leave her pop star life behind.

Shintaro, Momo, Ene and the rest of the blindfold gang work together to fight against the criminals that defy them and their abilities.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
April 13, 2014
Cast: Kana Asumi, Takuma Terashima
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Mekakucity Actors Full Episode Guide

  • The Mekakushi-Dan find themselves face-to-face with Mr. Tateyama and the serpent that has caused them all so much pain. But the reason behind the serpent's actions isn't what they expect!

  • Hibiya has run off to try and rescue Hiyori on his own, so Momo and Kido chase after him to better explain their situation. Meanwhile, Kano thinks back to the events leading to Ayano�s death and his usual smile begins to fade.

  • Is the story that Ayano's mother read to her as child more than a simple fairy tale? And how do the events that take place in it tie into the situation the Mekakushi-Dan face?

  • Ayano takes her role as big sister seriously, looking after her three adopted siblings. But when tragedy strikes the family, she learns there's more to the story her mother read to her as a child than she first realized.

  • Kido, Momo and Marry rush to the hospital and find Seto trying to calm Shintaro, who is still worked up over the events involved with the accident he witnessed. Suddenly, the door to the hospital room bursts open and an unexpected reunion takes place!

  • Ene recounts how she knows Ayano, the former commander of the Mekakushi-Dan, and startling connections between the group's members continue to emerge.

  • Takane Enomoto and her classmate Haruka are the only two students in the school's special needs class, which means the special project requested by their teacher for the Cultural Festival is up to them! What can they put together in less than two weeks?

  • Shintaro wakes up alone in a strange room... a girl's room! But how did he get there after the events at the department store and is he safe? One thing is certain about his situation: Ene will make is as difficult for him as she can!

  • Having been left behind by Momo while escaping her fans, Hibiya finishes his shopping. He's in the big city for the first time, spending the summer with his friend Hiyori. Will he be able to tell her how he feels, or will he be dazed by the heat?

  • Momo has managed to get away from the crowd chasing her, but has gotten lost in the process. A confrontation with a strange girl leaves her overwhelmed, but the outcome will change how she sees the world.

  • Momo Kisaragi is an idol who just released her first single. She's on billboards across town and everyone on the street calls out to her as she passes. Which would be great if it didn't keep making her late for school!

  • Shintaro only connection to the outside world for awhile has through a computer, and his only companion has been Ene, a willful AI that was mysteriously installed on his system two years prior.

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