My Lovely Samsoon

The television series entitled My Lovely Samsoon is about the life and experiences of Kim Samsoon. Kim Samsoon is a very talented young lady who is specialized in making cakes and pastries and dreams of owning her own shop someday in the future. She has a boyfriend known as Hyun Woo whom she sees cheating on her on Christmas Eve with another lady. She is so devastated and mistakenly goes into the male restroom where she meets Hyun Jin.

She finds out that Hyun Woo needs someone to work as a baker in his restaurant. Hyun Woo learns Kim Sam does bakes very well and hires her to work for his restaurant known as Bon Appetit. She starts working there as the main chef.

Hyun Woo's mother has always been asking him to get married and in order to play a trick on his mother he asks Samsoon to pose as his girlfriend, which she did and his mother believed them. She needed to do this for at least one month in order to ensure Hyun's mother is convinced. After that the two start developing feelings for each other and end up dating. Not long after Yoo Hee, who is Hyun Woo's ex-girlfriend, returns from the States still in love with him and tries to win back his love. This complicates the relationship between Hyun Woo and Samsoon and makes her very unhappy.

Some time later, Hyun Woo realizes how much he loves Samsoon and realized how he has hurt her. His attitude towards Yoo Hee changes. Yoo Hee then decides to return to the States but asks Hyun Woo to go with her, which he accepts. While away he keeps sending Samsoon postcards to the wrong address. Samsoon feels she abandoned by Hyun Woo until she gets to see the postcards he had been sending.

The series was written by Kin Do-wo and directed by Kim Yoon-chul. It was produced by Kim Sa-hym. The series comprised of sixteen episodes and aired on channels like MBC.

MBC America
1 Season, 16 Episodes
October 1, 2009
Korean Drama
My Lovely Samsoon

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