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  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • 7.3  (55)

"My Wife Is A Superwoman" (2009) is also known as "Queen of Housewives." It is a South Korean romantic comedy about two women who were best friends in high school. Back then, Chun Ji-ae was pretty and popular while Yang Bong-soon was a misfit. Now, in middle age, Bong-soon is an executive, while Ji-ae struggle to get by. Things get complicated when Ji-ae's husband gets a new job -- and Bong-soon's husband is his new boss.

My Wife is a Superwoman
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E 20
20. E 20
February 24, 2010
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E 19
19. E 19
December 8, 2009
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E 18
18. E 18
December 8, 2009
When Dal-soo reports to work, all the employees start to whisper behind his back. Ji-ae also gets dozens of calls in the morning after the newspapers carry an article about her husband. Meanwhile, Tae-joon looks over the reasons for why Dal-soo was put on indefinite leave and spots several issues that raise some suspicions so he calls Joon-hyuk.
E 17
17. E 17
December 8, 2009
Wearing a suit, Joon-hyuk spends his time reading comic books. Tae-joon asks Ji-ae why she is so devoted to her husband when she hates him for being a loser. So she explains herself by giving him an analogy. What would you he if you're riding in a boat with your spouse and paddling when all of a sudden a huge wave comes your way. If you decide to stop rowing to escape the wave just out of spite because you hate your spouse, then you'll both end up dying.
E 16
16. E 16
December 8, 2009
Hwa-ja says that she saw Tae-bong in the newspaper and that the reason why she got a divorce was after he confessed to her that he was married... Meanwhile, Ji-ae looks at Bong-soon with pity, as she is about to go under knife... Joon-hyuk arrives at the hospital and hugs his wife Bong-soon.
E 15
15. E 15
December 8, 2009
Ji-ae has mixed emotions when she reads about Tae-joon's divorce from So-hyun. Meanwhile, Dal-soo overhears Joon-hyuk and Mr. Kim talk about getting kickbacks from one of their suppliers. Dal-soo demands that Joon-hyuk tell him the truth but they end up getting into a fistfight.
E 14
14. E 14
December 8, 2009
Bong-soon is told that men will never forget their high school sweethearts and so she asks Joon-hyuk whether he would marry Ji-ae if she got a divorce from Dal-soo. Meanwhile, Tae-joon proposes a duel against Dal-soo.
E 13
13. E 13
December 8, 2009
Ji-ae demands that Dal-soo come clean and tell her if he had an affair with So-hyun. Dal-soo tells her that he did have some feelings for her. When Dal-soo tells her this, Ji-ae is stunned. Meanwhile, Bong-soon obtains the security footage that shows Dal-soo hugging So-hyun from Young-sook and squeals gleefully.
E 12
12. E 12
December 8, 2009
Hong-shik decides to have Dal-soo put on indefinite leave but Tae-joon objects to that because there are no grounds to punish him. But Hong-shik says that everyone has some dirt in their past and comes up with a scheme to punish Dal-soo. Meanwhile, Ji-ae asks So-hyun to help her husband who is being accused of doing wrongdoing when he's innocent. But she is coldly spurned by So-hyun and this upsets her.
E 11
11. E 11
December 8, 2009
Bong-soon tells Ji-ae that Dal-soo is having an affair with So-hyun and that she saw them embracing each other. However, Ji-ae asks Bong-soon if she has proof and decides to go ask So-hyun herself if she hugged her husband. Meanwhile, Joon-hyuk is kicked out his home by Bong-soon when she learns that he erased the security footage that showed Dal-soo and So-hyun embracing each other.
E 10
10. E 10
December 8, 2009
So-hyun tells Tae-joon that he'll like what she'll show him and throws divorce papers at his face. But Tae-joon's expression turns grim when he sees So-hyun's reaction. Tae-joon goes around the company to meet the employees and give them a pep talk. When he meets Dal-soo, Tae-joon notices that he's wearing the exact same necktie he's wearing.
E 9
9. E 9
December 8, 2009
When Joon-hyuk sees the security cameras showing Dal-soo carrying So-hyun he calls Dal-soo and asks him what kind of relationship he has with the CEO's wife. Meanwhile, Dal-soo's seasoning development division has a setback when they fail to persuade a diary farmer to sign a deal with them. So Dal-soo visits a small diary farm to find a way to convince the dairy farm cooperative to work with them. But the head of the cooperative refuses to work with his company because he doesn't trust big corporations who are a bunch of liars.
E 8
8. E 8
December 8, 2009
While looking through Joon-hyuk's desk, Bong-soon discovers a secret diary. When she opens the diary, an old photo drops to the floor. When she sees who's in the photo she gets very upset.
E 7
7. E 7
December 8, 2009
Ji-ae waits outside for Dal-soo to return home and she is shocked to see him in a luxury car with another woman. Ji-ae gets furious when she notices that they're talking together like good friends and she leans over and taps the car window. Dal-soo sees his wife and jumps out of the car. When Ji-ae asks Dal-soo who was the woman he was with, Dal-soo is unable to answer her. Then So-hyun gets out of the car.
E 6
6. E 6
December 8, 2009
Bong-soon gets jealous when she sees Ji-ae and Joon-hyuk squabble whenever they're together. So she tells Ji-ae to not show up at her home again and make an embarrassment of herself. Dal-soo works as a driver at night and gets a call from So-hyun. Unaware that his customer was So-hyun, Dal-soo goes to where So-hyun is to drive her home in her car.
E 5
5. E 5
December 8, 2009
Ji-ae decides to swallow her pride and ask Bong-soon to help her husband get hired at Queen's Food so she visits Bong-soon at her home. As Bong-soon is about to leave, she brushes off Ji-ae by saying that if she came to ask for a favor, then her answer is no. Ji-ae begs Bong-soon to help her husband and offers to do anything for her. Bong-soon relents and orders Ji-ae to hold her golf bag and follow her.
E 4
4. E 4
December 8, 2009
Ji-ae becomes drunk at the company party but she receives a call that Tae-joon is going to the hospital so she runs out of the party. She then tries to hail a cab but the cab drivers avoid her because she looks drunk. While Tae-joon is driving towards the hospital before he goes to the company party, he slams the brakes when Ji-ae jumps in front of his car...
E 3
3. E 3
December 8, 2009
Ji-ae forces her husband Dal-soo to go to Bong-soon's home with her and apologize to Bong-soon's husband Joon-hyuk over the incident that occurred at the funeral parlor the day before. When Joon-hyuk bluntly asks them why they came to see him, Ji-ae tells him that they came to apologize but Dal-soo says he isn't sorry and glares at Joon-hyuk. When Joon-hyuk snickers at Ji-ae for marrying such a loser, Ji-ae gets up and tells him that he might be successful now but there was a time when he got on his knees begging her to be her girlfriend. She also tells him that although it's true that she came to beg him to hire her husband, she changed her mind and doesn't need his help any more. With that, she abruptly leaves.
E 2
2. E 2
December 8, 2009
Paying a visit to Bong-soon's home, Ji-ae find some hope in getting on her friend's good side when she sees Bong-soon fretting about the absence of her housekeeper when she's expecting guests soon. Ji-ae helps Bong-soon with the housework and also cooks foods to win her friend over. But Ji-ae is stunned to learn that the guests that Bong-soon was expecting were no other than their old high school friends...
E 1
1. E 1
December 8, 2009
Cheon Ji-ae was the most popular girl in high school and all the boys were smitten by her pretty looks. Dreaming of becoming a modern-day Cinderella, she married Ohn Dal-soo, who was enrolled at SNU Medical School, to live a comfortable life as a doctor's wife. But Ohn Dal-soo couldn't stomach Anatomy 101 and later dropped out of medical school. So he spends most of his time with his fellow MENSA members. After being embarrassed by her old high school friends who are richer than her, Ji-ae comes home to find his husband playing poker with his MENSA club friends. So she tells her husband that she wants a divorce because he's jobless. But the next day, Dal-soo wears a suit and tells his wife that he'll submit his resume to Queen's Food after he was recommended for a position there by a fellow MENSA member.

"My Wife Is A Superwoman" (2009) is also known as "Queen of Housewives." It is a South Korean romantic comedy about two women who were best friends in high school. Back then, Chun Ji-ae was pretty and popular while Yang Bong-soon was a misfit. Now, in middle age, Bong-soon is an executive, while Ji-ae struggle to get by. Things get complicated when Ji-ae's husband gets a new job -- and Bong-soon's husband is his new boss.

  • Premiere Date
    December 8, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (55)