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This animated TV show is about Stabber Orphen. He has special powers which helps him fight crime and evil. It is based on the novel and manga comics. He is basically just a normal boy trying to go to school and live life but he often finds that evil finds a way to him. He has special powers so he must use his special powers to fight and ward off evil so he can protect his family and friends. It is not easy to balance the two lives together but he must find a way to balance the two which he does.

2 Seasons, 44 Episodes
July 26, 2012
Anime, Comedy
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Orphen Revenge Full Episode Guide

  • When Orphen realized that the reason for all of the events that had happened up until now were all part of a plan to break open Elkarna's seals, he threw himself into battle with Elkarna to protect everything. MacGregor, whose actions had resulted in making his daughter feel bad, slowly started to feel regret.

  • The group chased after Majic, who had been kidnapped by Esperanza. But Flame Soul came to attack them, reborn using the body of his mother. Orphen managed to battle Flame Soul, who had become very powerful. Working hard, he managed to hold his own, but next, Majik comes to attack him. With Majic, who was bristling with newfound increased powers, as his opponent, Orphen.

  • Esperanza has kidnapped Majic, and Orphen is determined to get him back. Together with Cleao and Lycoris they head for Erukarena's Temple to save their dear friend, but an unexpected foe stands in their way: Flame Soul. And, Lycoris finally reaches a conclusion about the life she had forgotten.

  • On their way to the Royal Public Order of Knighthood, Majic and Cleao manage to stop by their home in Totokanta for a visit to their family. Lycoris however begins acting stranger, even stranger than usual and having visions that she doesn't understand of a family that she never though she was a part of.

  • While Cleao, Majic, and Lycoris enjoy some relaxation in a small cottage, Orpehn has big problems. He's run into the most skilled foe, and that is himself. There isn't just one clone of Orphen however, there are five and since they all have his magical skills, it's going to be a very difficult battle.

  • The girls decide that it's time for a little rest and relaxation on a cruise ship, and while they are having a good time, they are making Majic and Orphen work their tails off to pay for everything. However, when a monster shows up and runs amuck on the ship, it's going to be anything but fun.

  • The worst possible fate has befallen the group; it's worse than monsters and more insidious than a rival returned for revenge. They've run out of money, and even the Knighthood is refusing continued finance. The only solution is to enter a dance contest with a huge cash prize, and the selected entrant is Majic. The problem is, he has no idea how to dance and to add to the humiliation, he has to dress in drag.

  • After Lycoris loses her glasses and ends up unwittingly buying a bunch of junk from Volcan, their innkeeper stumbles across a more interesting piece that's got everyone running in circles. A strange talisman bearing even stranger runes causes its wearer to move at nearly the speed of sound, but now they need to find a way to stop the plus size runner before things really get our of hand.

  • With funds running low, Lycoris needs a way to come up with some funds. The Royal Order will certainly send some, but it's gong to take a week, and they need some fast cash in the meantime. It looks like it's time for some odd jobs, and even Orphen has been brought in to earn a few coins, all thanks to some nude modeling.

  • The gang stops off for a much needed rest as well as supplies. However, Orphen really doesn't feel the need to do much shopping, and he sends Cleao and Lycoris to do a bit of shopping. But, when the girls get mixed up in a robbery, and the bandits steal their precious chocolate coins, it's the girls who are going to be on their own adventure.

  • Orphen and his friends come in contact with a man seeking to simply free his fiancĂ© from the grip of a powerful sorcerer. The problem is that it's his father, and to make things worse, he has his daughter in a state of suspended animation, seemingly for his own evil purposes. But, the truth may prove to be much more different.

  • A mysterious lake has a long-standing legend that it will make wishes come true. That seems to be the farthest thing from the truth though, as Volcan soon finds out when a trip to the lake finds him possessed by a young girl, and he begins taking on her personality, including speaking like her and even dressing up like a woman.

  • Orphen and his friends finally have met up with Lycoris, and while Orphen is fine with having her around. Cleao thinks otherwise. First, she believes that she might be a hitman trying to kill Orphen, then, she thinks that she might be a monster. The truth is going to be something different than she expected however.

  • Desiring a much-needed vacation, Orphen, Majic, and Cleao decide to take a trip to some hot springs in the area. It seems like a great idea, until that is, rumor of an evil sorcerer surfaces, and Orphen is the one that the finger is pointed squarely at. It's going to take a miracle to clear his name, or at least a monster showing up.

  • Orphen finally has the three talismans that make up the completed Sword of Baltanders, so now has to try and save both Azalie and Childman.

  • Upon hearing the truth about Azalie and Childman, Orphen goes to see Azalie to find out the reality behind her motives. Flameheart and his mother continue with their sinister methods for taking over the Tower of Fang.

  • Orphen and friends return to Stephanie's home town and Cleao is troubled by a dream she has about Orphen. Hartia is trying to work out what is going on with Childman and Volcan and Dortin continue their attempts to tame the Bloody August.

  • Orphen and friends look for a clue as to what the third talisman is and where they can find it, while Volcan and Dortin try to tame the Bloody August. After Childman's failed attempt to kill the Bloody August, Flameheart sets out to do the job.

  • Volcan and Dortin are given the responsibility of healing the Bloody August while Orphen and friends return to the Ruins of Baltanders to find a clue to saving Azalie. There they meet Stephanie, who helps them to find what they need. Meanwhile, many sorcerers wonder at the sudden change in Childman.

  • Orphen and friends set out to find the Bloody August while Childman/Azalie sets out to destroy it, and the Black Tiger goes to tell Orphen the truth.

  • Orphen and friends continue on their quest to find Rox Roe, stopping on their way in a town set at the foot of a volcano. Meanwhile, Flameheart and the Black Tiger set out from the Tower of Fang, with different reasons for wanting to find Orphen.

  • Childman sets out to find Azalie, who in turn is seeking him. Orphen and friends find themselves at a mysterious summit which has magical properties.

  • Orphen and friends set out to find the author Rox Roe, traveling through an old mining town on the way. While staying in the town, they hear the story of a mysterious sorcerer who once saved the town ...

  • Orphen returns to the Tower of Fang and breaks into the archives, looking for a clue to help Azalie. The elders at the Tower of Fang discuss how to overcome the different problems Orphen and Childman have presented, and recruit a new sorcerer, known as "Flameheart".

  • Orphen, Majic and Cleao stumble into an abandoned town and decide to stay at an empty hotel. Dortin then stumbles into the hotel with Volkan who is very sick. When Majic goes to get water for Volkan, he sees someone standing by moonlight on top of the hotel with a bull. The person gives a long introduction and just as they are about to announce their name, they fall through the roof. Who is this mysterious person? Will Volkan get better?

  • As the heroes are traveling, Leki the wolfine cub runs off chasing a butterfly, and gets lost. Cleao is worried about Leki and the three set off to find him. Meanwhile, a little girl is preparing for her birthday and her brother goes to town to buy her a present. Volkan and Dortin are wandering through a town and Volkan is desperate to get food after he spent all the money on a rock he thought was magical. Will Cleao find Leki?

  • In this episode, we find out more about the Killing doll and about Stephanie. Stephanie has a secret that shocks everyone!

  • The city of Algonhotten is famous and Cleao is more than happy to go there. But Algonhotten is the hometown of Orphen's previous partner, Stephanie. Something isn't quite right about the place though, like giant stone golems controlled by Volkan and Dortin, and it seems like Stephanie is hiding something. What is Stephanie hiding? Why would golems obey two trolls? What happened between Orphen and Stephanie?

  • As Orphen, Majic and Cleao continue their adventure on trying to find Azalie, Orphen tells his friends how Azalie's hunger for knowledge turned her into a dragon. Orphen also tells them that the entire Tower of Fang is against him and they want to kill Azalie. Will Orphen be able to save Azalie before the Tower of Fang kills her?

  • Fiena risks her own life in attempt to save Orphen for Majic. But is Orphen beyond saving? Batrov tries to burn down the forest and the villagers try to kill Orphen. Why is Batrov in the forest? What has the Wolfine done to Orphen?

  • Majic stumbles upon a girl who belongs to a strange cult that worship the mysterious Wolfine. But in that cult, there is a man that hides a secret. Orphen, Majic and Cleao try to figure out what he is hiding and what is he doing there. Will they ever find out? What are the Wolfine?

  • Orphen goes to rescue the kidnapped girls and the Bloody August shows up. Just as Orphen binds it, Childman and Hartia comes and the spell is broken. The Bloody August is stabbed again by the sword and transforms more. Now Orphen and Majic start a new adventure to save Azalie...and Cleao tags along and fights with Orphen.

  • The Bloody August retreats after Orphen fights it and Orphen is tracked by his old school friend, Hartia. The Bloody August returns, kidnapping Cleao and Mariabelle.

  • As Orphen and Majic are outside a castle threatened by a girl with a sword named Cleao and her two troll servants, Volcan and Dortin, for 'spying', Orphen blasts the trolls away. The sky then turns dark and ghosts come out. They all then retreat to the castle, except for Orphen who confronts the ghosts till a dragon comes out. Orphen then calls the dragon Azalie. Does Orphen know the dragon? What is his reason for being at the castle?

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