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The television series People Are Funny is hosted by Art Linkletter and produced by John Guedel. In episode one of the first season, Art and the crew of the series convince a couple to rent a house that the series has already rented. The practical joke that is played on the couple is that they are sent to another town for a couple of days and when they return from their trip, they are taken to the stage where the series is produced.

When the couple meets Art Linkletter he goes through a few things about how they were selected, how their trip was and then he gives them one hundred dollars, however, in order for them to keep the money, they must tell him how many windows are in the house. The couple agrees that there are 16 windows but they must go to count them, Art explains that if there are 16 windows they can keep all the money, however, they will lose ten dollars for each window that is more than 16 or for every window that is less. The couple is taken to where the house is located, however, when they arrive they find out that the house has been moved.

In the second part of episode one, the series is looking for a young man who can be classified as the most bashful man in the world. They select a young man who has been admiring a young woman but has not been able to work up the courage to ask her for a date. He met the woman when he registered at a college for a class in business administration. Art has the young man sit in the audience and has the young woman come on stage where he asks her a few questions about relationships. She does not know the young man has already been selected to be her date for an evening.

Sundays 8:00 PM et/pt on NBC
1 Season, 16 Episodes
January 10, 1955
Cast: Flip Wilson, Art Baker, Art Linkletter
People Are Funny

People Are Funny Full Episode Guide

  • Host Art Linkletter sends three people a gift in anticipation for dinner guests they don't know, builds a phone booth over a tank of ice water, and has a man talk on the phone while being lowered into the water. The boy and his dog are back for a rematch.

  • Host Art Linkletter has a woman try to return some soda more than once, looks for an expert on women, and has a game between a dog catcher and a boy and his dog.

  • Host Art Linkletter has a history major test some chorus girls about with some tough questions and a young woman gets lucky with a monkey.

  • Host Art Linkletter puts a young lady on a roller coaster to test her cool under pressure and has a young man introduce an older grandmother as his fiance.

  • Host Art Linkletter sends a guy masquerading as a bee keeper out with a bear cub and has a man call his wife to tell her he's working late, while it sounds like there's a big party going on in the background.

  • Host Art Linkletter has some fun with tourists and plays a game to give away $10,000 cash with a pilot from the Air Force.

  • Host Art Linkletter has a man try to save a parking spot on foot for a friend.

  • Host Art Linkletter has a birthday party for 75 year old woman who's never been married. Also, a father must tell Art what prize his son chose.

  • Host Art Linkletter tests people's memories and the lucky lady is back on to show her luck with coin flips.

  • Host Art Linkletter tests a lucky lady and gets some help from two men to deliver an elephant!

  • Host Art Linkletter convinces a man to try to sell two dollar bills and has some fun with burlesque dancers.

  • Host Art Linkletter helps a boy find a pet dog and plays "What's My Line."

  • Host Art Linkletter plays the shell game and the couple that had their house kidnapped in Episode 1 flies around in a helicopter looking for their house!

  • Host Art Linkletter convinces a businessman to dress as a hobo and has some fun with taxi drivers.

  • Host Art Linkletter kidnaps a house and plays cupid as he brings a couple together.