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Jim Holland is a security expert that knows police work and how to outsmart most people. He has an accidental run-in with a girl name Amanda. However, this run-in ends up with Jim and Amanda sleeping together. What Jim does not know is that Amanda intended for this to happen. Amanda and her sister Molly have been planning to rob Jim of certain codes. These codes lead them to the money they have been searching for all along.

The girls get the money and they are happy. What they do not know is that Jim has been watching them all along. Wanting to arrest them, Jim ends up falling for Molly. He does not know how he let this happen and how he now loves the sister of the girl he slept with at one time.

The results: Jim protecting Amanda and Molly from drug deals; after all, the money the girls stole belongs to these drug dealers.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
June 7, 2010
Cast: Jason Wiles, Daisy Betts, Chadwick Boseman, Lola Glaudini
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Persons Unknown Full Episode Guide

  • The captives survive a van crash and split up to complete their escape. A few of them meet with Kat and Renbe, who are on Janet's trail.

  • Things become critical when the captives discover that their food and water have disappeared. Meanwhile, Renbe and Kat go to a medical examiner with their one remaining piece of evidence.

  • Unable to trust Joe, Janet focuses on the new Night Manager Ulrich as her ticket out of town.

  • When new night manager Mr. Ulrich informs the group that all "guests" are restricted to the hotel they feel even more trapped. The level of uneasiness heightens when they return to their rooms and find very personal items that remind them of their pasts. Meanwhile, Kat and Renbe explore a duplicate abandoned town and find out a whole lot more than they bargained for.

  • The Program's organizer send a new Night Manager to restore order in town, while Joe returns. Meanwhile, Renbe and Kat try to locate the Program survivor and avoid the South American police.

  • Joe, Graham, and Bill are forced to confront their pasts. Meanwhile, Renbe and Kat try to find the one person who escaped the program.

  • Joe confesses everything to Janet. Meanwhile, Renbe, Kat, and Stefano try to locate Janet by tracking Joe.

  • In possession of a cure, Erika demands answers from Joe when he gets sick. Meanwhile, Renbe and Kat travel to Rome for Tori's funeral and meet with her father, who wants answers.

  • The group search for the missing Tori and find a new prisoner, Erika, who attacks Joe and the others. Meanwhile, Renbe learns about Tori's fate and realizes that it's connected to Janet's disappearance.

  • The Nigth Manager informs Janet that she will be allowed to check out, and can take one of her fellow abductees with her. Meanwhile, Joe has a secret meeting with someone in the town, and Tori receives a visit of her own.

  • A helicopter appears above the hostages, but it turns out it is only there to provide them with a box.

  • Moira removes the device that was embedded in each person's thigh; McNair and Joe test the limits of the invisible fence; in San Francisco, a reporter looks for information on his missing mother.

  • In the series premiere of Persons Unknown, seven strangers discover that they are trapped in a deserted town with their every move being filmed.

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