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The Scarlet Letter is a South Korean TV miniseries soap opera. The plot is complicated with many twists and turns and the series focuses mainly on the lead character's life. It's a complicated storyline, which will entertain the watcher. Han Kyung-Seo is the main character, an aspiring drama series writer. She is in her 40's and has auburn hair, with a heart-shaped face. Cha Hye-Ran is the love rival to Han Kyung-Seo and is played by Kim Yeon-Ju, a young woman in her thirties with an oval face and long chesnut hair. She hates Han Kyung-Seo because she ran off with her boyfriend and hounds him to help her get even after he returns from prison. She also has an abortion in favor of her acting.

Jang Jae-Young is the character they are both chasing, a rugged man in his 40's with slight facial hair. Jae-yong marries Kung-Seo, but he is later sentenced to prison for an accidental homicide, devestating Kung-Seo. Eventually Dong-Joo hires her to write for his miniseries, getting her life on track. This also creates confict for him, the smooth-talking tv director, because Yeon-Ju is the lead actress in his miniseries. He is torn between the two women.

Other characters are Han Yong-Jin, played by Baek II-Seob and is an older man with black glasses. Lee Se-Na plays a woman in her twenties with black hair and a bowl shaped haircut. Kim Yu-Bin plays a little girl, Jang Ha-Ni. Kim Na-Woon is an soulful actress in her 40's who plays Cha Young-Rim. Kim Hye-Ok plays Jung Soon-Im who is Yeon-Ju's mother and goes blind during the series. Ko Yun-Hoo plays Cha Sung-Joon, who is a young and easy going man in a wheelchair. Yoon Jung-Ho, played by No Ju-Hyeon, and Lee Suk-Ho played by No-Yeong-Kuk, are two older actors, the former with glasses, and the latter with an elderly look. Joo Ho also plays Choi Sung-Jo, Jin Jin-Joo is played by Kook Ji-Yeon, and Kim Byung Cheol plays Park Joong-Koo.

Scarlet Letter is a International series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (165 episodes). The series first aired on March 1, 2011. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.9.

Scarlet Letter is available for streaming on the MBC America website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Scarlet Letter on demand at Viki , Viki online.

MBC America
1 Season, 165 Episodes
March 1, 2011
Cast: Lee Seung-yeon, Yeon Joo Kim, Baek Il-Seop, Na-woon Kim
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