She, The Ultimate Weapon

She, The Ultimate Weapon is an original video animation about a high school student who discovers a series of diaries of another student. The series is then witnessed through flashbacks of the events that occur within the pages of the diary. Chise, the author of the diary, has been molded in to 'the ultimate weapon' by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to be the last hope for defending Japan. She has metal wings and various weapons grafted to her body, which makes her question her own humanity. Her soul longs to be just a normal girl, but her body is, ultimately, a weapon.

Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 2, 2002
Cast: ShirĂ´ Ishimoda
She, The Ultimate Weapon

She, The Ultimate Weapon Full Episode Guide

  • Chise does all she can to save the town's people and Shuji as impending doom closes in, but the Tsunami is too powerful. When Shuji awakes, he finds that he is alone.

  • Chise takes all of her meds, resulting in her changing, the result of which could kill her or make her immortal. Shuji returns to where he and Chise started going out.

  • Chise finds Tetsu in a dire situation. The students work hard to get the cultural festival going, however the army is a day early and needs use the school.

  • Chise's two day adventure without any maintenance and medicine has taken a toll on her. That evening a large earth quake hits Hokkaido. Akemi tells Shuji how she feels.

  • With their differences aside, Chise and Shuji realize that they can work things out a make plans to go see the sea lions and dolphins together.

  • Chise and Shuji clear the air and let each other know about things they have been holding back. With the secret finally out, they decide for now to remain just classmates.

  • Chise decides that she doesn't really want to die because she finally has someone who she can love. At the school an earthquake nearly destroys the whole building.

  • Chise leaves her military pager at home when she is on a date but the military still contacts her with the mission. When the fighting stops, Chise wants to die.

  • Shuji and Chise take a walk on Observation Hill, in light of everything that has happened they both know they were meant to be together.

  • Chise reveals to Shuji that she has become the Ultimate Weapon. As the days go on she finds she is becoming more of a weapon and less herself.

  • Shuji and Chise are now a couple, he remains unsure of what his true feelings are. Shuji goes to the mall to get Chise a gift when tragedy rains down on their lives.

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