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  • TV-PG
  • 1974
  • 6 Seasons
  • 8.2  (10,758)

James Garner played the iconic role of Jim Rockford in The Rockford Files on NBC. The show ran from 1974 to 1980 and was a favorite of television audiences of the time. The Rockford Files was a crime drama that revolved around the life of the titular character, Jim Rockford. Jim was a private investigator in Los Angeles who had previously served time in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He lived in a trailer at the beach, drove a Pontiac Firebird, and wore a Hawaiian shirt most of the time.

Jim was a complex character who was both tough and vulnerable. He was a man who had been through a lot in life but always managed to keep his sense of humor. Jim's personality made him relatable to audiences, and many viewers found it easy to root for him.

Jim didn't work entirely on his own, though. He had a father, Joe Rockford, played by Noah Beery Jr., who often gave Jim important advice and assistance. Joe was a retired truck driver who lived with Jim in his trailer. Joe was a tough guy with a heart of gold, and his relationship with Jim was one of the highlights of the show.

Another character who played a key role in The Rockford Files was Lieutenant Dennis Becker, played by Joe Santos. Becker was Jim's friend and sometimes confidant, and while he was a law enforcement officer, he often found himself working with Jim.

Another important character in the show was Beth Davenport, played by Gretchen Corbett. Beth was Jim's attorney and love interest, and her presence on the show added an emotional layer to Jim's life. She was strong, independent, and intelligent, and her relationship with Jim was a focal point of the show.

Finally, there was Angel Martin, played by Stuart Margolin. Angel was Jim's friend and occasional informant who always seemed to get Jim into trouble. Angel was a lovable rogue who provided some comic relief to the show, and his antics were always entertaining.

Overall, The Rockford Files was a well-written crime drama that was elevated by the strong performances of its cast. James Garner was the perfect choice to play Jim Rockford, and his chemistry with the other actors was evident in every episode. The show had a mix of drama, comedy, and action, and it was the perfect blend of all three.

The show was also known for its memorable theme song, which was composed by Mike Post and featured a distinctive harmonica riff. The song became iconic and was often used in pop culture references to Jim Rockford or the show itself.

The Rockford Files was a critically acclaimed show that won multiple Emmy Awards throughout its run. It was also popular with audiences, consistently ranking in the top 20 shows of the week. Its popularity spawned a series of TV movies in the 1990s that continued the story of Jim Rockford.

In conclusion, The Rockford Files was a classic crime drama that featured a memorable cast of characters, strong writing, and entertaining storylines. It was a show that resonated with audiences of the time and has continued to be enjoyed by fans over the years.

The Rockford Files
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Deadlock in Parma
12. Deadlock in Parma
January 10, 1980
A fishing trip in Parma is interrupted when Jim agrees to cast a seemingly harmless proxy vote for his new friend, John Traynor. Before he knows it, Jim is tangled in a complex web of local power, greed and intimidation.
Just a Coupla Guys
11. Just a Coupla Guys
December 14, 1979
In a cross-country plot that takes him all the way to New Jersey, Jim comes to the aid of a mob boss who's trying to turn his life around. But two young thugs who are trying to get into the mob make his job all the more difficult.
The Big Cheese
10. The Big Cheese
December 7, 1979
Shortly before he was killed by powerful people, a reporter mailed Jim a provocative package proving that a union has connections to the mob. Now, as he takes on the case, Jim's own life is in serious danger.
No Fault Affair
9. No Fault Affair
November 30, 1979
Everyone's favorite prostitute, Rita Capkovic, is back -- but this time, she's been savagely beaten by her pimp. Jim offers her a place to stay while she recuperates, which doesn't sit well with his new girlfriend. Rita Moreno guest stars.
The Hawaiian Headache
8. The Hawaiian Headache
November 23, 1979
Jim and Rocky head to Hawaii to relax on a no-strings-attached "free" vacation -- but Jim isn't off duty for long. After running into his former Army commander, he gets drawn into a high-stakes CIA operation.
Nice Guys Finish Dead
7. Nice Guys Finish Dead
November 16, 1979
A Detective's Association ceremony turns sour when the keynote speaker -- a powerful senator -- turns up dead. Teaming with the ever-dashing P.I. Lance White, Jim tries to get to the bottom of the crime. Tom Selleck guest stars.
Love Is the Word
6. Love Is the Word
November 9, 1979
Blind psychologist Megan Doherty, the woman Jim helped -- and romanced -- the previous year, returns with a new problem: The man she's engaged to has been slapped with an inconvenient murder charge. Country singer Barbara Mandrell guest stars.
Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die (2)
5. Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die (2)
October 26, 1979
Jim wonders whether his search for a rock star's shady business manager is related to the musician's own highly publicized palimony trial. But Jim's ex-con pal is more concerned with his crush on a pretty music journalist.
Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die (1)
4. Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die (1)
October 19, 1979
An ex-con -- and former friend of Jim's -- hires the Paradise Cove P.I. to track down a rock star's missing business manager. But the case also leads Jim into a world of sex, drugs and trouble with the mob.
Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (2)
3. Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (2)
October 12, 1979
Jim works with Kendall Warren, the woman he was hired to protect, to find the person who's been trying to kill her. But when their prime suspect turns up dead, Jim and Kendall are left wondering where to look next. Lauren Bacall guest stars.
Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (1)
2. Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (1)
October 12, 1979
Jim accepts a royal request from a princess who fears that her best friend is being targeted by a ruthless killer. The clues come together at a gala costume party, where both Lt. Chapman and Angel are in attendance. Lauren Bacall guest stars.
Paradise Cove
1. Paradise Cove
September 28, 1979
In the wake of a dispute with his meddling neighbor, Jim finds himself slapped with a $35,000 damage suit and forced out of Paradise Cove. Mariette Hartley guest stars -- and earned an Emmy nomination for her efforts.
  • Premiere Date
    March 24, 1974
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (10,758)