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This adaptation of the classic children's novel by Pierre Berton tells the story of the four Berton siblings, Penny, Pamela, Peter and Patsy who journey to an underground World in search of their missing brother Paul. Infant Paul has mysteriously disappeared whilst playing in their playhouse, where the brothers and sisters find a secret trapdoor leading to a series of caves. The children meet a number of friends and foes as they journey through this mysterious World and meet ogres, fairies and an enormous sea monster.

1 Season, 9 Episodes
September 9, 2006
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Bridget Bezanson, Amy Fedora, Helene Joy, Danielle Mackinnon
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The Secret World of Og Full Episode Guide

  • Pamela accidentally introduces the idea of voting for a leader to the Ogs - now they have a close election campaign that could have disastrous results!

  • Captain Kidd finds the perfect present - inside the children's house! Can the kids clean up the Og's mess before their mom gets home?

  • Four of the kids are on a tour with an Og guide when a troll blocks their path - they must answer riddles to pass. Can the siblings work together to solve the puzzles?

  • Peter is being bullied at school, and his dream of becoming a garbage truck driver is ridiculed. But hen he meets Ogre, who lives in a garbage dump.

  • The Ogs have an enemy: the Glogs! Now others know the Ogs exist, so Penny has only hours to get the Ogs back underground before they are discovered!

  • The children discover the Og village is deserted - where did they go? So they sail down the underground river to learn the answer!

  • The five siblings are captured by a variety of Ogs - without help from outside, how will they escape?

  • Penny fails to return from her mission, so her sisters paint brother Peter green and send him to make the rescur - but he encounters trouble!

  • Siblings Penny, Pamela, Peter and Patsy discover a magical village beneath a trapdoor in their playhouse floor, and soon they are captured by mysterious little green men called Ogs!

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