Weed Country

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Weed Country is a six part series that runs on Discovery Channel. The show follows several people involved in the medical marijuana industry in California. Throughout the show each person filmed, explains as to how they obtain certain chemicals from the marijuana plant itself, or how the process of growing medical marijuana occurs. The show follows farmers, dealers, medical marijuana patients, and members of law enforcement from the Siskiyou County Sheriffs office.

The show follows the tough business of growing marijuana in what is known as the emerald triangle. An area that is marked along the California and Oregon border. Each farmer can earn large sums of money for each summer but at great risk. This business is a survival of the fittest and only the best will survive to earn the big bucks.

Many of the marijuana farmers believe that is up to them to provide medical marijuana patients with their product. Some need it for pain management or to prevent nausea such as chemotherapy patients. The threat to them however is the government who see them as felons running a scam.

Many of the farmers run into turf wars with neighboring farmers as well as problems with law enforcement. Helicopters run surveillance on the land looking for marijuana fields. Law enforcement officers walk the grounds heavily armed waiting to confiscate plants and send farmers to jail.

The cast for Weed Country consists of Mike Boutin, Tawni Boutin, Matt Shotwell, Sherriff Jon E. Lopy, Sergeant Mike Gilley, Nate Morris, B.E. Smith, and Lieutenant Matt Thomson. A production of All3Media America, with executive producers Bill Pruitt, Eli Holzman, John Moffet, Stephen Lambert, and Steve Mellon. Each episode runs approximately 40 to 44 minutes. The series first aired in February of 2013 and is still currently having new episodes made.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
1 Season, 6 Episodes
February 20, 2013
Action & Adventure, Crime, Documentary & Biography, Drama, Kids & Family
Cast: Nathaniel Morris, Matthew Shotwell

Weed Country Full Episode Guide

  • The Sheriff's Departments are preparing for a take down of the biggest grow of the season, and closeby Shotwell arrives at Mike Boutin's house to pick up the weed he feels will put him back on top.

  • Law enforcement visit Mike and Tawny.

  • Mike thinks he is under investigation.

  • Nate seeks help from an old friend after his farm is torn up; Matt has a challenging first meeting with a supplier.

  • Matt Shotwell doesn't have much luck during a trip to the Emerald Triangle.

  • Cops are on the lookout for illegal marijuana in the emerald triangle. Grower Mike Boutin has 6 pounds of weed with his first pot run of the summer.