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The Lifetime network has a style all its own, and the MyLifetime site offers viewers quick, easy and free access to much of the unique programming on Lifetime TV, including its slate of series and original movies. The programming is available for on-demand streaming free of charge, with no subscription or paid account required, but just like on television, the programming in advertiser-supported, so commercial breaks are included.

All of Lifetime's original reality series are represented on the site, including full-length recent episodes along with clips and highlights. In addition to original Lifetime programming, series that were originally produced for other networks but which are currently airing in reruns on Lifetime are also available on the site; a selection of recently aired episodes of each series is offered for online viewing. Selected episodes of older series that are no longer airing on the network are available for streaming, too.

Series are not the only video offerings on MyLifetime, though. The network is known for its feature-length original films, and a significant selection of those films is available for online viewing on the site. The films are primarily in the romance and crime genres. As is the case with series episodes, the full-length movies are presented with commercial breaks intact.

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