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The film maker Alfred Hitchcock produced a television series at the height of his fame that specialized in drama, mystery and thrill stories reflecting the type of films the director was known for. Hitchcock himself appeared at the start and end of each episode to talk directly to the camera and make observations and jokes about the story; the series is famous for introducing the theme tune 'The Funeral March of the Marionette' that has seen become associated with Hitchcock.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents ran for 361 episodes from 1955 on-wards and was first aired on U.S. Television on CBS and NBC for different seasons of the show; the first seasons of Alfred Hitchock Presents were made by Revue Studios and the later series by Universal Television. Following the broadcast of the final episode in 1965, known as 'I Saw the Whole Thing' in 1965 the show remained popular in syndication around the world. In 1985 a one off TV movie titled The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents was shown and was followed by three seasons following the format of the previous seasons. In The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents segments featuring Hitchcock's monologues were colored to make them seem new and updated.

During the original seasons of Alfred Hitchcock Presents the show became famous for featuring well known guest stars including movie stars; included in the shows of the 1950's and 60's were stars such as Jayne Mansfield, Steve McQueen and Peter Lawford. Until 1962 Alfred Hitchcock Presents ran as 25 minute episodes, from 1962 through the series close in 1965 the show lasted for 50 minutes. Alongside the now famous Charles Gounod theme tune the caricature drawing of Hitchcock that accompanied the series has also become associated with the film maker. The nine stroke drawing was created by Hitchcock himself and appeared at the start of each episode.

7 Seasons, 269 Episodes - Canceled
September 29, 1985
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  • A carnival entertainer tricks a mentally challenged youth into helping her commit murder.

  • An entertainer is determined to keep men from putting the moves on his sister.

  • A beatnick and his galpal, both broke and hungry, crash a party in hopes of taking advantage of the friendship of one of the guests.

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