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TV Western fans loved the weekly showing of the fictional story of the real life Western folk hero, Bat Masterson; a very popular story depicting the adventurous life of William BarClay Masterson. The television role was played by Gene Barry who moved on to many more successful roles. The show was seen for an entertaining half hour once a week from 1958-1961. The story had a very catchy theme song written by the talented David Rose and Sang by the great voice of Mike Stewart.

Showed on NBC and later picked up by others the series was produced by the talented Producers Frank Pittman, along with Frederick Ziv and Andy White. The television Masterson was always immaculately dressed and was never without his trusty cane. The television character Bat Masterson was a legend brought to life. Masterson was a Scout, Marshall and amazingly skilful gambler just as the real life character was. The TV character had quite a way with the ladies which softened the character persona a bit.

The TV character portrayed Bat Masterson as a man interested in fair play. He found himself in many scrapes but wheeled his way out with his quick mind and his trusty cane; occasionally he used the gun; only if there was no other alternative. The TV character offers a striking posture to the real life Masterson in looks. The show played for 107 episodes and is in syndication; still watched by millions.

Bat Masterson was a star filled cast. Many people working on the show went on to other notable roles and the stars that filtered through the show as guest stars make a Who's Who list. James Garner and Diane Brewster acted in the series as guest and many others. Bat Masterson was a family show set in prime time and watched weekly by millions of people.

3 Seasons, 108 Episodes - Canceled
October 8, 1958
Classic TV
Bat Masterson
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Bat Masterson Full Episode Guide

  • Bat tracks the outlaws who murdered a pal to the Jackson Hole in Wyoming.

  • On his way to Tombstone, Bat gets ambushed by outlaws and left to die.

  • Bat joins the Pinkerton detective agency in order to find evidence that will put a crime kingpin behind bars.

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